Types Of Cream


The cream is delicious, and it can be added to a bowl of strawberries without cream; life wouldn’t be the same. The cream is a yellowish fatty element that amasses on the surface. The butterfat in your cream will determine how good your whip cream will be. Creams that have a lot of fat in them make the best-textured whip cream, and they don’t curdle. Once you know the difference between these types of cream, you can choose the correct cream to use. There are many types of cream you could buy, and there are different cream chargers Melbourne.

The various types of cream you could buy include;

1. Chantilly cream

Chantilly cream is also known as vanilla whipped cream, and in Italy, this particular cream is made by folding whipped cream into the pastry cream to make a fantastic concoction.

2. Clotted cream

If you love whipped cream, clotted cream is the right option for you, and it is scalded so that it can create its golden crust. You don’t have to whip this particular cream before serving it, which is eaten. It has a fat content of 50-60% and is best for cooking because it separates when heated.

You could use clotted cream on your bread and add it to your fruits. Moreover, it can also be used in sauces and risotto. When you purchase this cream, make sure it’s always refrigerated but put it in the fridge for two weeks and make sure you consume all of it before the expiry date.

3. Goats milk double cream

As the name suggests, goat double milk cream is made from goat’s milk, and it is smooth and mild at the same time. This particular cream is excellent for vegetarians. It can be used for whipping and during, or you could spoon it directly onto your salads. When you purchase this cream, please place it in the fridge for about five days, and the moment you open it, use it for three days. If you want it to last longer, freeze it, and it will last for two months.

4. Manufacturing cream

This cream has 40%, but it is not found in retail stores since professional cooks use it.

5. Sour cream

Sour cream Is made from single fresh cream. To use it, bake the cream and heat it at 20 degrees for 12-14 hours. The lactic acid found in this cream gives it a sour taste. What makes it worse is the yoghurt used to make the cream. Sour cream is commonly used in sauces, dressings, casseroles and cakes; it can also be served with vegetables. Sour cream is great for savory dishes like beef stroganoff and as a base for spicy dips.


As a cook or a baker, you should find the correct cream and this particular article helps you to know every type of cream, making it easy for you to purchase the correct cream. Know how much each cream costs and buy them if you can afford them.

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