Best 10 Renting Business Ideas


Do you want to start a business that creates a regular income whether you work or not? If so, you can consider renting or leasing business.

Renting business is one of the smart and rewarding ways of earning money. The concept of the business is straightforward as the ownership of equipment or product remains with the owner and the owner is paid for use by the user or renter.

Renting and leasing business has become an efficient business option due to many factors. Firstly, the affordability of individuals and their preference. The majority of the people prefer luxury but everyone can’t afford it, therefore they favour taking it on lease. People have recognized the worth of money. If there is an item that is available on rent, they prefer to rent it rather than buying it, especially when it is used infrequently or only for once. Thirdly, many businesses opt for devices on lease instead of purchasing Therefore, it makes sense to start renting and leasing business. The start-up expense of this business is dependent on merchandise, area, and services that you invest in for renting to others. Two varieties of merchandise are involved in the leasing or renting company, including Movable resources and immovable resources.You may also need to throw in some promotions, and get creative while you’re at it. Consider seasonal giveaways with Personalized Christmas Ornaments because they can really bless your neighborhood during the yuletide and make customers out of many of them. Make sure to research thoroughly before starting the renting business.

In the case, you have decided to start a business, here is a list of 10 Popular Leasing and Renting Business Ideas.

Laptops Rental

One of the versatile renting business that can be started by anyone is laptop rental. Many companies and educational institutions like digital marketing institutes, computer training centres, etc. look for the companies from where they can get the laptops for their employees and students for rent. Investing in a number of laptops can add a huge amount to the cost sheet of different business entities so it makes another great rental business option. It is advisable for you to start your business of providing laptops on rent in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and many other metropolitan cities.

Air Conditioning Rental Business

Air Conditioning company means providing air conditioning facility into the customers’ place by installing air conditioning equipment like air cooler, AC, etc on rent. Many folks favour taking air conditioners on rent. Your potential customers in this business would be the start-up companies.

ATM Space Rental

Area leasing or ATM Space Lease is among the best business choices. A retail area is in demand. Banking companies always look for ATM spaces for growing their ATM network. The demand for ATM space is very large. In case you have sufficient funds, it is possible to plan to start an ATM space rental company.

Artificial Tent Rental

Artificial Tent Leasing is next in the list of renting and leasing business. In this business, you will give a tent on rent. Tents always remain in demand for various functions like marriage, party, and festival, etc. The best part is that investment in this business is moderate.

Audio Equipment Rental

Audio equipment stays in demand. Any purpose such as national, corporate or social demands public speech system and audio devices. If you have knowledge and experience in handling audio devices then You can begin equipment renting business and earn good amount of money.

Book Rental

You may think of starting a book rental business if you are fond of novels and other types of books. This business can include publications that are educational as well as generic. You will need to get a collection of books for starting this company. It is possible to earn decent money. For gaining success in this organization you need to concentrate on promotion strategy.

Bus Rental

Another leasing company that you can start is bus leasing in the area where domestic travel is on hike. This company takes a good deal of capital expenditure. Most of the people opt for bus lease for tourism and functions like marriage, reception, etc. Apart from that your buses can be rented by the company who wish to relocate their workers from one work location to another.

Automobile Rental

Automobile leasing is a traditional business. This business has grown in many ways because of cab services like Ola and Uber. This business is a perfect alternative for the town where there si a high-density population. This business model supplies cars and schedules customer booking. You can also think of starting an online portal. Apart from normal car leasing, luxury cars are in huge demand. Personal car rental business can be started by you if you’ve got capital for your business.

Seminar Room Rental

Most of the business and the start-up companies take a conference room for their meeting, coaching, and other workplace applications. You can convert it into a conference area with audio-visual facility and plan to provide it on rent if you’re owning space at a commercial building. You can get an excellent return on investment.

Building Equipment Rental

Construction equipment leasing is a capital-intensive enterprise that is high in demand. A requirement for construction equipment is at the summit due to infrastructure development and property. Construction types of equipment are costly hence a vast majority of companies and programmers choose to take this kind of equipment on rent.

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