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The telugu movie industry has always had interesting stories that we have all enjoyed. If we do not pay our attention on new movies and genres that leave the audience breathless, we will be left with invincible old Telugu classics. That is why we choose only for you the best three classics that you can watch here that will surely delight you. And there are many more telugu movies, watch here in aha


Raghav is a dangerous guy who helps killing people. He does not want to be in any kind of relationship. His opinion is totally changing after he meets Bhavana. She is studying ornithology, very gentle and charming. He is trying to hide his real self from her. Bhavana is falling in love with him too. He was hoping everything will be okay but then Bhavana finds out his real identity. Are they going to end up together?

Mr. Pellam:

Balaji is working in a bank. He has a wonderful marriage with his housewife Jhansi and they have 2 adorable kids. After he got promoted, he also got one key for bank vault. He celebrated his promotion by buying a television set. Because of that, people from bank assumed that he robbed the bank because he got the key. He got suspended on the day of the promotion, but he didn’t get recruited. Jhanshi offered him a help and after that he got a really good job with huge salary. But things will not go easy as expected.


Ramu and Janaki in present are in love with each other. They are visiting the village where they had been reminded of their past. In the past there was a girl Lakshimi and Rangateached her singing. They were very poor, had no money to buy food, so they died. That was their previous life and this is the moment where they met again trough other bodies.

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