How to Find the Most Talented Child Actors Near You


Whether you put out musicals or you shoot commercials, you’ll eventually find yourself in need of a child actor. Unfortunately, this can be a little more complicated than the general hiring cycle.

These are the top ways to find the most talented child actors near you and what to avoid doing!

Put Out an Open Call

Putting out an open call is often the only thing you have to do with adult actors, but with child actors, it’s harder to tell how many are checking for open calls and how many perfect fits are going to miss the role of a lifetime.

You can still put out an open call, but do it on sites like Instagram and Tik Tok.  Make it clear that you only want to be contacted by their guardians and that you’re not going to meet with any of them alone.

Check Social Media

Social media is a great way to find local professionals! Tik Tok gives you the chance to see them dance, act, sing, and whatever else they’re great at, but the problem is it’s harder to contact their parents directly.

You can send a dm with your website, requesting that their parents contact you: but it’s vital that you don’t talk to them further besides that until you can confirm you’re talking to the parents of said child.

Pay Attention to Local Ads

Pay attention to local media and advertisements, look at the child actors there and consider reaching out to the production company to see if you can get in contact with their agent or manager.

Although it may feel embarrassing to try and get in contact over an advertisement, you’ll already have an image of how they can perform and act, which is more than you can get from most child actors and performers. Child actors that are skilled and practiced are great choices for any production company.

Get in Contact With Local Schools

Many schools and drama programs are always excited to have students get involved. In these cases, many will even allow students to do it for free/ unpaid in return for credit for school. This is a win-win for both of you, although generally, you should attempt to pay your performers.

What to Avoid Doing

Although you want to find the best possible, it’s important that you follow a few ground rules before hiring any professionals! First of all, if the child is younger than 18: don’t contact them directly; contact their parents first. This is important to ensure that everyone is protected and children don’t get set up for scams.

You should also avoid spending time alone with the actors without a guardian present and avoid breaking any labor laws about how few hours they can work every week. These are driven professionals who require to be respected: but also protected.

Child Actors Are Fantastic Professionals

Whether they’ve worked before or not: child actors are generally extremely driven and excited to do acting work. Help start a child’s career by considering hiring one for a role!

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