Whether it’s your anniversary, his birthday, or simply you want to make him feel special, there is no better way than giving a gift. If you want to present him a romantic gift then you are at the right place. 

 But before taking you through the list of romantic gifts for him, we would like to tell you about “being romantic”. Google defines “romantic” as characterized by or conducive to the expression of love.

 Here you will see that flowers, etching hearts, or candlelight are mentioned nowhere and the reason is they have now become outdated gift ideas. Real romance is about telling someone that you truly love them with your words and actions.  

On browsing “romantic gifts for men”, you will see thousands of ideas like customized coffee mugs, couples bracelets, and what not? Do you think they’re really into such kinds of things? Most men don’t like such gift ideas but it’s a fact that they won’t tell you this upfront as it seems to be very rude. So, to give them an enchanting gift that is indeed romantic, you must get down to this list of 5 romantic gifts for him. 

1.Car Keychain

If your man is a car lover then here is the best gift for him- number plate keychain. This is an amazing gift as you can get it fully customized as per the car model and VIN. You can get the keychain shaped into the specific car model he owns and gets his vehicle identification number engraved on it. It will show him that you love his car too and truly cares for his interest!


Is he a baseball lover but you aren’t? If yes then it’s great as you have got another romantic gift idea for him. At this point, you don’t have to think of your interests rather pay high attention to his interests. If he likes baseball or any other game then you can gift him tickets of “live sports”. When he realizes that you have done something of his liking then surely romance will foster between both of you! 

3.Couples Massage

Here’s one that you both can enjoy together- couples massage! If he is into self-pampering then he will surely love your gift. If he’s not into this, he just may realize what amazing thing he has been missing out on till now- 90 minutes in a relaxing spa. The combination of soothing ocean wave sound, calming fragrance of essential oils and aromatherapy candles and you both are together. What else is needed for a romantic day out? According to us, it’s more than enough! 


By dinner, we are not recommending that you book a table in the same gastropub where you both visit every weekend. We mean fine dining- a place where the food is great and the environment is incredible. Your dinner place should be one of a kind where you both spend quality time while enjoying a delicious meal. 

If he’s an outgoing personality then book a table in one of the most appreciated restaurants otherwise bring the restaurant home. How? Simply order the food and enjoy it at home. Another alternative to surprise him with your romantic dinner is to homemade dinner. You can prepare his favorite dishes, arrange for his favorite wine, and that’s it. We’re sure he’ll surely love your efforts and gifts! 

5.First Edition Copy

If your man loves writing, reading, or he’s a scholar of any kind then there is no better gift than a first edition copy of his favorite book. He will surely love to make your gift a part of his home or office bookshelf. This first edition book will make him remember you whenever he looks at it. 

So, these are our 5 best romantic gift ideas for him. Next time you think of gifting something romantic to him, do pick ideas from this list and share how it turned out for you. 

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