Tira’s Ultimate Hacks to Make Lipstick Last Longer!


For many women, lipstick is a go-to make-up item. However, despite its convenience, lipstick application can pose some challenges such as the need for frequent touch-ups as well as smudging, fading, and uneven coverage.

Nevertheless, to help you overcome such challenges, we at tira have put together an easy guide for making your lipstick last longer.

1. Exfoliate Your Lips

Lips can often become excessively dry due to seasonal changes or excessive use of lip products and may show more visible dryness compared to other body parts. To achieve a smooth and moisturised lip surface, it is essential to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells using lip scrubs.

After dampening the lips, gently buff away any roughness using a mascara spoolie or toothbrush. Next, apply an appropriate amount of hydrating lip balm and allow it to absorb into the lips. To avoid excess balm, gently blot the lips with a tissue before applying lipstick.

2. Use a lip primer to layer well

You might be familiar with face primers and eye shadow primers, but have you considered using a lip primer? Lip primers are a simple and effective prep step that can help prolong the longevity of your lipstick. They work in a similar way to other primers by creating a smooth and adhesive base for your lipstick while also feeling silky and comfortable on the lips.

Many lip primer formulas contain hydrating and plumping ingredients to keep your lips healthy and looking great, even without makeup.

3. Use a lip liner

To enhance the appearance of your lips, use a lip liner to outline your upper and lower lips, and then fill in the area within the liner with a shade that matches your lipstick. This technique will create the illusion of fuller lips and help your lipstick last longer by providing a base for it to adhere to.

4. Use a matte lipstick

Using matte lipstick is a simple yet effective trick to make your lipstick last longer. Matte lipsticks are known for their long-lasting formula that can withstand eating, drinking, and other activities. They also tend to be more pigmented than glossy or creamy lipsticks, meaning you’ll need to apply less product to achieve a bold and vibrant look.

Matte lipsticks also have a dry finish, which can help them adhere better to your lips and prevent them from smudging or transferring. When applied correctly, matte lipstick can last for several hours without the need for touch-ups, making it a great option for busy days or special occasions.

5. Use a brush for the application

To ensure that your lipstick stays in place, it is important to apply it with a brush instead of simply gliding it over your lips in one stroke. Using a lip brush, dab the lipstick at the centre of your upper and lower lips. Then, apply the lipstick to your lower lip, starting at the edges and working your way towards the centre.

Repeat the same process for your upper lip, ensuring you fill in the edges properly before moving towards the centre. To finish, make an “x” at the centre of your lips. Applying your lipstick in this segmented manner with a brush will allow it to blend evenly into your lips, resulting in better colour absorption and retention.

5. Set Your Lipstick

Whether you prefer creamy or matte lipstick, using translucent powder is a great way to prevent smudging. Achieving a perfect, smudge-free lipstick look is easy with this trick: place a thin piece of tissue on your lips, and dab some powder directly on the lip area. This will remove any excess lipstick and oil that may cause smudging, leaving you a matte finish. If you want a more vibrant look, apply another layer of your lipstick shade on top of the powdered lip, and you’re ready to go!

Pro tip by tira One of the biggest culprits of lipstick fading is touching your lips. Avoid touching your lips throughout the day as much as possible. If you can, use a straw or eat with a fork and knife to prevent your lipstick from rubbing off.

6. Apply multiple thin coats

Lipstick application is similar to painting nails – applying multiple thin coats is more effective in creating a long-lasting manicure than a single thick coat.

Thick coats take longer to dry and can result uneven application, the same is true for lipstick application. To apply your lipstick, begin by patting your lipstick colour onto the centre of your lips, then use a lip brush or finger to spread the pigment out evenly across your lips. Apply one or two more layers to complete the look.

Lipstick plays a crucial role in completing any makeup look, be it natural or full glam. To ensure your lipstick stays put and lasts throughout the day, these easy tips will help you achieve a flawless, long-lasting lip colour, allowing you to confidently rock your makeup look without any worries of fading or smudging.

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