Five Tips For Using Round Rugs In Your Home!


Professional interior designers and home decorators are gravitating towards round rugs in recent years, and this is partly because so many people have gotten tired of the more conventional, rectangular shapes associated with area rugs.

Round rugs offer an opportunity to stray away from flooring décor’s status quo, and this rug style can instantly make a huge impact on your room’s overall aesthetics. It’s important to remember that investing in a round rug is somewhat risky if you’re not exactly sure how it’ll fit into your home, so take the below pro advice from the Rug Source experts to help you make the most of round rugs in your home!

Match Up Your Round Rugs With Other Rounded Furniture

One really profound way to utilize round rugs in your home is to match them up with other rounded furniture and household accessories. A lot of homes are designed to be like interlocking boxes of adjacent rooms, but this doesn’t mean your furniture has to remain within that box-like mindset.

Coffee tables, TV stands and mantles often have oval shapes and rounded edges, and pairing up these furniture pieces with round rugs can provide that extra bit of aesthetic ambience within your room that ever so carefully pulls a room together.

No one has to keep their interior design themes within the confines of traditional room footprints, and matching round rugs and furniture can provide a tasteful style that you and your guests will undoubtedly appreciate!

Partner Your Round Rugs With Another Design Feature Within Your Room

Just like with rounded furniture, round rugs can be aesthetically matched up with other types of round features within any given room. This can include certain decorations and accessories, but this type of partnering doesn’t always have to be associated with shape.

When your round rugs match your room’s design elements from even a color standpoint, it goes a really long way to complete the ambience of your walls, flooring and furniture arrangements.

Be Tasteful With Minimalist Designs

Minimalistic décor will strip away most unnecessary flourishes, and round rugs tend to work great within this type ofdesign approach. With no sharp edges, round rugs offer a sense of inner peace and a calming ambience, which makes them great options for rooms with minimalist designs.

By returning to basic formats, decisive material choices and clean lines within your room, you can jumpstart a minimalist approach that offers a lot to your home. And when you center this minimalist approach around a round area rug, you’ll highlight this type of muted tonality.

Make Sure Your Primary Furniture Pieces Are Touching The Round Rug

Properly placing your round rug is a crucial part of the design process, because you’ll want to make sure the room is pulled together by ensuring that the rug is big enough for all of your primary furniture pieces to at least be partially on top of the rug.

Area rugs aren’t supposed to seem lonely within a room, and placing your rug beneath your furniture will make it more of an anchor from a visual standpoint. Although this tip is crucial for designing with any type of rug, it’s particularly important with round rugs.

So make sure your round rug is a deliberate decorative statement in your room, and not just random décor noise!

Carving Out Unique Design Elements With Round Rugs

Another good idea to implement with round rugs is to purposely let it get lost in the mix of your space, and essentially use the rug to extenuate a specific design element within your room. A common example of this would be to use round rugs within a room’s reading nook, which would likely be located near windows or corners.

When you place a round rug next to a bookshelf and reading chair, it instantly transforms the space from an aesthetic standpoint by defining what your intentions are for the area.

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