Refer to this Reference Guide on the Different Uses and Types Of Mats


There are many types of mats on the market today that people don’t realize. There are many options, from entrance mats and welcome mats to mats for industrial or commercial use. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the options and find the right mat for you. It is easy to forget about the many types of mats and their different uses.

It is the most basic of all the mats available. These mats are usually 2x3x3xm and can be placed at your front door. However, they come in many different sizes and shapes. They are often humorous or funny mats that will make your guests smile before they even enter your home. You might choose to personalize your mat with your initials or name, showing your pride in your home. Perhaps the homeowner selects a seasonal or Holiday mat to express their love for the season. A Welcome Mat, no matter what the occasion, is the best way to welcome guests into your home.

Entrance mats are welcome mats that greet guests entering your home. They provide a place for guests to wipe their feet and help to protect your floors from any dirt, rocks, or debris that may get tracked in. Most often, entrance mats are rubber-backed mats with longer edges that trap dirt and water so it doesn’t get tracked in your home. These mats are most commonly found at businesses, but they can also be used at your back door to store shoes as you enter your home.

Industrial mats are made up of primarily rubber grid mats and can be used for a variety of purposes. Grid mats can be used in many areas, but they are best when there is a lot of water. Grid mats allow water to seep into the floor, allowing for good traction and support while standing. These mats are often used in areas such as dishwashing and car washing, which have high water levels. This could cause slips or falls.

Commercial mats are mainly used in garages and workshops. The most versatile type of mat is the commercial mat. They come in a variety of sizes, from mats that are soft to ease the strain of standing on hard floors for long periods of time to mats that provide good traction. Commercial mats can also include both these features, as they have a foam backing with diamond-patterned PVC coating that relieves strain and provides good traction.

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