How To Maintain Your Bathroom Plumbing in A Good Condition?


The bathroom is one place in the house that is the most used room and has many pipes and plumbing fixtures. This is also one place where guests visit the most. Thus, regular maintenance is required to avoid any last-minute plumbing issues.

As we all know that most of the freshwater of our house will always go to the bathroom appliances. All house bathrooms have toilets, bathtubs, sink, hot and cold-water lines, showers and drain pipes all have major work to do. For any plumbing issues, it is always important to call a professional to fix them rather than doing it by yourself. For a place like a plumber Killara, you can try Wilco plumbing which has the best professionals for your plumbing work. They can also provide 24 by 7 services for their customers.

To avoid any bad plumbing issues, here are some tips to maintain your bathroom plumbing:

  1. Avoid flushing any trash into the toilet: It is important to see that you do not flush any garbage products into the flush. The only paper you can flush down flush is toilet paper. Papers like tissue papers or facial tissues shouldn’t be thrown as they might block your drainage pipes. In that case, even a wet pipe can create a clogging problem for your bathroom plumbing.
  2. Make sure to use drain covers: Open Drains are more prone to pick hair or soap scums. There are also chances of small objects like toothpaste cover getting into the drain and get stuck in the drain pipes. Hence, a cover needs to be placed to make sure that no such things cause clogs, which can slow your drainage.
  3. Avoid using chemical-based drain cleaners: These chemicals are mainly used when we encounter slow or clogged drains. Chemicals are poured down the pipes, which clean the pipes temporarily, but can cause severe damage to your pipes. This can lead to problems like corrosion. So, in case you face any such problems, it is always better to use a plunger or a drain snake or else call a professional.
  4. Replace old or outdated pipes: This is possible if you are living in a house which is built in the 1970s. It is better to replace any steel, lead, iron and those polybutylene pipes, which was old and which are more prone to corrosion. Especially those lead pipes are dangerous to be used for drinking water.
  5. Repair Leaks: When you have these running toilet or slow leak problems, then you should not ignore them. Also, you need to check if there are cases of water overflows in the water tank. These leaks or overflows can waste a lot of water. Thus, repairing it immediately can help reserve the water supply.

Apart from all this care that you need to take, you also have to make sure that you schedule routine maintenance and cleaning of these drainage pipes. This is one preventive measure that you can take to avoid any plumbing issues in your bathrooms.

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