My Food Processor Helped Me Lose So Much Weight


I used to be extremely overweight. I could hardly walk because of it. I was so unhealthy and I didn’t really know what to do to make it better.

I was only in my late 30s. I was still fairly young but I felt older than my years. I was slow moving. It took me almost 10 minutes just to get out of bed in the morning. I had to ride a motorized scooter in stores and most places that required a decent amount of walking.

I had to do something to make my life better or else I wasn’t going to have a life to improve. I made an appointment with a doctor to see what my options were in terms of getting myself healthier.

I needed to put myself on a diet, and try to get some exercise. Just a little bit to start to get me moving and as I could tolerate it, I’d increase it with time. Then I’d be eligible for gastric bypass surgery. After that I’d have no choice but to continue with a much healthier lifestyle.

I had nothing to lose but this miserable situation that I was in. I could only move up from here. I started seeing a psychologist to keep me on the right track because this was going to be mentally grueling.

My sister agreed to help me as much as possible. Her way of life was much healthier than mine. She exercised a lot and ate relatively healthy.

She offered to give me her Cuisinart food processor to get me started on preparing my food for the week. Of course I accepted her gift. Anything to help.

It was missing a couple of the blades, so I had to go ahead and purchase replacements. My sister said she had ordered something on Kitchen Works Inc before, where they sell Cuisinart-dfp-14 parts and that they were a good place to start for replacement parts.

I started going on short walks outside to help improve my mobility. I was using the food processor on a weekly basis but I had to take a lot of breaks to sit down during the process.

Gradually things got easier as I started to lose some weight. I could stand for longer periods of time and walk longer distances. I finally made a decision to join a gym and schedule some sessions with a personal trainer.

I was starting to feel so much better from a mental and physical standpoint and my surgery date was coming up soon. I was ready for it.

It ended up being a major success and I’ve lost over 150 lbs. I’ve continued my visits with my psychologist, my personal trainer and food preparation with my Cuisinart food processor. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I’m still on the right track, and I plan to keep it that way.

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