Mary Jane’s Major: Cannabis Degree Programs & Certificates


Marijuana has long been a part of the ancient tradition of herbal medicine, which is believed to have started in Asia around 500 BC. While many believe in the wonderful benefits of marijuana, it’s illegal at the federal level in the United States, though individual states are allowed to dictate whether or not to legalize it locally.

Many U.S states have fully accepted and legalized marijuana, which is evident in the availability of cannabis products in various cannabis dispensaries in Colorado, California, Oklahoma, Oregon, New York, Nevada, Ohio, New Mexico, Florida, and other states.

Not only that, universities and colleges now offer cannabis degrees and courses to anyone who wants to land a job in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Courses and Certificates

Wide cannabis acceptance across the United States paved the way for these universities to offer cannabis classes and degrees. From cannabis biology & chemistry to the cannabis business, cannabis healthcare, law, agriculture, and production, you can find something that suits your interest.

Cannabis Biology & Chemistry (BS)

The four-year course focuses on marijuana physiology and growth, its medicinal implications, and practical applications. Students will also learn the basic biological and chemical principles of different types of cannabis.

Medicinal Plant Chemistry (BS)

This course is geared toward students looking to learn about medicinal plant production, distribution, and medicinal plant analysis.

Certificate in Cannabis Law and Policy

Learn about the complex world of federal and state cannabis regularization, compliance, and policies. Gain extensive knowledge about the legal landscape of cannabis to process state and local licenses should you open your own dispensary.

Cannabis Studies

These certificate courses will give students a foundation in cannabis studies, product analysis, development, and manufacturing.

Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutic Management

Students will learn medical cannabis history, medical cannabis health implications and management, cannabis pharmacology, and cannabis entrepreneurship.

Finding the Right Cannabis Study Program for You

Take the time to research schools and universities that offer cannabis degree programs and courses near you. This way, you will get comprehensive information on the length of the program, cost, and if your preferred program is available as online-based or face-to-face learning.

Universities are expensive compared to cannabis training certificates and modules. So, make sure to explore which type of cannabis program or course is worth the investment if you are wary about the cost.

Should You Get A Cannabis Degree Or Certificate?

Getting a cannabis degree or certificate depends on the type of career you want to pursue. If you are an aspiring manager, supervisor, or leader, it is not necessary to get a cannabis degree as you can still apply your business skills and theory learned from traditional business and management courses.

However, if you wish to work in cannabis cultivation or pharmacology, enrolling in cannabis courses or related studies will boost your chance of landing a job in the cannabis industry.

Not all managers or owners of cannabis dispensaries have cannabis degrees or certificates but a program or certificate can be the first step in a rewarding career or profitable business.

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