Is It Advisable To Have ULIP Along With A Term Plan?


Although they may sound comparable, having a straightforward life insurance policy and one where a portion of the premium is invested in the markets are very different. Hence, if you were to heed the counsel of most financial professionals, they would typically caution you against purchasing this coverage. To comprehend this, it is necessary to examine ULIP plans in India in detail, see why investing in ULIPs is preferable to term plans, review the features of unit-linked insurance plans, and consider how they stack up against term plans.

These are the few aspects that will provide you additional insight into the decision to take a ULIP plan linked with a term plan or keep both items independent, depending on the necessities.

Why should you buy a ULIP?

What is a ULIP?

ULIPs or Unit Linked Insurance Plans are not traditional insurance plans, as they offer dual benefits of insurance coverage and investment opportunities. Unlike traditional insurance policies that only provide death benefits, ULIPs give policyholders the option to invest a portion of their premiums in various market-linked funds such as equity, debt, or hybrid funds.

ULIPs have gained popularity in recent years due to their unique features, such as the flexibility to choose investment options, switching between funds, partial withdrawals, and top-ups. Policyholders can tailor their investment plan based on their risk appetite and financial goals.

However, there is still a lack of awareness about ULIPs among the general public, and some people mistakenly perceive them as traditional insurance plans. ULIPs are, in fact, a combination of insurance and investment, making them a hybrid product. They differ from traditional insurance policies that focus solely on providing financial protection in case of passing away, disability, or critical illness.

On the other hand, ULIPs share some similarities with mutual funds as they both invest in market-linked instruments. However, ULIPs offer additional benefits such as life insurance coverage, which is not provided by mutual funds. Thus, it is essential to understand the unique features of ULIPs and compare them with other financial products to make an informed decision about investing in them.

The justification for investing in ULIPs is fairly simple. With ULIPs, you can gain insurance coverage as well as the chance to invest in financial market items that will increase in value along with the market. However, since term insurance plans are strictly death benefit plans, it is advised that you look for schemes that meet your needs and avoid looking for ULIP policies if you are only looking for term insurance plans.

If we examine the key characteristics of the top ULIP plans in India and identify them, they are:

Tax advantages

Taking care of investment money

Retractions in parts

High-End Top-Ups

Capacity for Fund Switching

A range of premium payment methods


In addition to many other minor and individualised features based on the investor’s requirement, risk tolerance, and company terms and conditions, these elements will undoubtedly be highlighted if you talk about the finest ULIP policy in India.

Here are some frequently asked questions about ULIP policy:

1. Is An ULIP A Classic Plan?

Now that you have understood what a ULIP is, you will know that aULIP is not a conventional plan. Unlike typical insurance plans, which are committed to offering guaranteed maturity at low risk, it is an insurance plan that also offers investing options.

2. Can ULIP And The Term Plan Be Connected?

The word plan and ULIP should be kept in separate categories because they have different functions. Term plans are typically created to fulfil a pure death benefit plan’s objectives.

ULIPs are often created to assist you in achieving your main goals, such as growing your capital, making retirement plans, or getting ready to rear your children. They also give you the peace of mind of knowing your monthly premiums are helping you reach your long-term goals. They are absolutely worth the investment!

Both ULIPs and term insurance plans serve different purposes in a person’s financial portfolio. While term plans provide pure protection against the risk of the untimely passing away, ULIPs offer the dual benefit of insurance coverage and investment opportunities. Hence, it is advisable to have both ULIPs and term insurance plans as they complement each other and provide a comprehensive financial plan.

Having a term plan ensures that the family’s financial needs are taken care of in case of an unfortunate event, while ULIPs offer investment opportunities that can help in achieving long-term financial goals. However, it is important to evaluate the different options available in the market, analyse the charges and fees, and understand the product’s features before making an investment decision.

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