Is a Cheap Dedicated Server Good for SEO?


Nowadays, most of the online business owners know that the way to success obviously is all about thinking strategically. So, if you really want your business vision to come true in reality, then it is not enough to make some compromises or some important decisions. But, you will also need to make some necessary things in perspective as well as not to be limited to what serves you well in the present scenario.

Hence, while making your decision in terms of server hosting, you will need to take some time to consider how it helps in your online business. You can select a cheap dedicated server hosting, which is a great solution for your online business. It provides you full control over your equipment and you will not have to share your computing resources with any other companies. In addition, it will also affect several other sections of your online business.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of the online presence of your company. So, if you want to see your business website in the first place of the search engine, then you need to put in extra effort to make it possible. But, does dedicate server hosting impact the SEO of your website? In short, the answer is yes. You can have a look at the section below to know how a dedicated server affects your SEO ranking.

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It’s quite common that visitors don’t like to wait too much time for websites to load. Convenience is the key when you are looking for a specific service or product on the internet. So, if your website is taking too much time long for loading, then there are chances that your visitors will back to the main page and move on to the next site that markets similar services or products. It is entirely your loss.

Therefore, speed plays one of the most important roles when it comes to attracting visitors. Thus, as much effort as you put into the web design and SEO of your website, it might all in waste if it is not fast enough. If you have an intact server and if the resources it offers all are yours, then it surely helps you to get rid of these issues.


Besides the performance and speed of a business website, the search engine algorithm also checks the number of traffic received by the site, which in turn also defines the Return On Investment. A dedicated server comes with the capability of controlling huge traffic than any other web hosting servers. In short, it can be said that a UK dedicated server provides you a lot of benefits in terms of Search Engine Optimization. 


A Shared hosting server might seem to be a cost-effective hosting solution. But, one of the disadvantages of a shared hosting server is that whenever a business site hosted on the server receives a bad reputation (i.e, your business website is blacklisted, blocked, etc.). Furthermore, your other websites on the same server can be affected with that. And as the reputation is another major part of the algorithm of the search engine, you will need to take it into consideration. You can switch to a cheap dedicated hosting server provider, it might be a smart decision where SEO is an essential concern of online business.

Dedicated Server Hosting FAQs

Can a Dedicated Server be Upgraded?

Yes, you can update a dedicated server with the help of your IT professional team. But, you can do this up to a specified limit only. You can also use or add additional CPU, RAM, or hard disks with a dedicated server depending on the specific requirements of your company.

Will you get Root Access to Your Dedicated Server?

Root access into a dedicated server hosting can be requested easily and it is granted more easily in a short span of time. The main purpose of a dedicated server is to offer complete control over the server.

What Operating Systems can be Run on a Dedicated Server?

Most of the dedicated web hosting servers run on Linux based OS. But still, it depends on the type of software you are going to use for your business. Moreover, you have the opportunity to select it accordingly. In addition, you can also choose the Operating System depending on its cost. As an example, usually, the Windows server is more expensive than the other OS because of its licensing charges. 

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How to Set Up a Dedicated Server?

A cheap dedicated server can be set up quite easily by yourself if you have a little bit of technical knowledge. But, if you are a non-tech savvy person, then it is quite difficult for you to complete the setup process by yourself as it can require a lot of complicated downloads as well as numerous preparation on the system. So, you can leave this task to your hosting server provider, you will get a dedicated server that typically has the features like:

The capability to customize the server

  • Round the clock maintenance teams for the server
  • Stable uptime
  • An online interface

How much Time does it take to Complete the Setup Process?

As soon as you sent your request to your hosting provider, their team sets up your dedicated server within a short time. Sometimes, it might take 2-3 hours’ time to complete the entire process. There are some customized hosting servers that take a minimum of 12-14 days as its hardware has to be provided from an external source.

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