How to Choose SEO Company in Janakpuri


Are you a business owner? If yes then you must want to have your website on the highest spot on Google SERPs. For this, you should perform SEO on your website. Search Engine Optimization is a process in which certain actions are taken on your website to increase its visibility in search engines. It needs SEO experts owing to their expertise and thorough knowledge. For doing SEO, you can either hire permanent employees to make an in-house SEO team or simply hire an SEO company in Janakpuri.

You must be thinking what is the best choice amongst these two options. So, let us tell you that hiring an SEO agency in Janakpuri is more beneficial for your business as it is cost-effective and guarantees positive results. Surely, your in-house team can give you good results but it will cost you a heft amount in the form of salary of each SEO executive. On the other hand, if you deal with an SEO service provider then you just have to pay for the selected package or can even get the cost of your project customized.

Now, if you’re convinced for hiring an SEO company for your business then here are some tips to choose the right SEO service provider in Janakpuri.

1. Ask for Their Previous Projects

You should ask them for instances of websites foe which they have done SEO and achieved the goals of the business. Ideally, as an SEO service seeker, you’re expecting projects on which they are currently working and showing progress at this point, not a few months back; however, owing to the confidentiality of client’s details, many SEO agencies may not be able to give you the required data.

Nevertheless, you can ask the company to show the case studies of websites whose main strategic objective is similar to yours. Well, if you’re wondering how it will be going to help you then understand one thing that if this particular SEO company in Janakpuri was successful in giving the expected results to the business of same niche then it will surely be going to perform for your business too.

That means if you are an owner of an eCommerce Company then your ultimate goal will be to increase sales and if this company had provided increased sales to its previous eCommerce client then it is a clear indicator that it has capability of performing as per your expectations. So, ask for the case studies of your niche or industry.

2. High Risk When Working with a Low-cost SEO agency

You must be aware that you’re putting your website at a potential risk if you’re working with a low-cost SEO company in Janakpuri. Keep in mind that the danger is not limited to not getting results but such companies can possibly do a long-term damage to your website by doing incorrect SEO. This will impact your business really bad, which can show affects on your sales and profits. From significant organic ranking declines to site blocking/ penalisation, anything can happen to your site. So, make sure you consider the quality of SEO services rather than its cost.

3. Think Beyond SEO services

Generally, SEO agencies that concentrate on sales and conversions as KPIs also likely to have expertise in conversion optimization. Once your website begins getting good traffic, conversion optimization is their next step for improving your site t o generate more leads and sales from that traffic. It is an imperative aspect of the advanced SEO campaign, so it wise to make sure that the company that you select has strong knowledge as well as track record of enhancing sales percentage from incoming traffic.

Usually, conversion rate optimization includes AB testing of different elements of a web page such as headings, button copy, colours, etc. Google optimize is one of the most opted conversion rate optimization tools by the SEO companies in Janakpuri.

4. Review Screening

Also, check their reviews on Google and other platforms to know what other people say about their SEO services. If you find majority of their reviews then you can choose that company otherwise look for another one. These days companies indulge in fake review posting so make sure you smartly do review screening. If possible, find the contact details of the reviewer and ask them how a specific SEO company worked for them.


These are some advises for finding the right SEO agency in Janakpuri. Though there are many other factors too but these are the primary ones. Make sure you check follow each and every tip discussed above as after all it’s about your website and business.

Consider these tips and do share your experience whether they helped you or not.

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