How to Check SBI Home Loan Statement?


State Bank of India or SBI is one of the oldest and most trusted banking organisations in the Indian financial scenario. Home Loans are offered by the SBI to individuals who want to buy a home or a flat or even those who want to build their own homes from scratch. Many banking institutions provide home loans in India, yet a significant number of people prefer SBI because of the many customer-friendly facilities that come in the form of lowered interest rates, long tenure etc. Along with the various financial services, their procedures have been made easier with digitalisation. 

How to check SBI Home Loan Statement? 

The SBI Home loan statement comprises the details of the loan transaction. It can be called a summarised report on the loan containing the principal amount, the tenure, rate of interest and the repayment details. It is also called the SBI bank home loan provisional certificate. The bank issues this statement or certificate at the start or end of a fiscal year to lay out the details of the remaining loan amount that is to be repaid and the EMIs in which they have to be repaid. It helps the borrower to keep track of the loan.  

Getting SBI home loan statement online

You can avail the SBI home loan statement online in the following steps.

  • Visit the official website of SBI and then get redirected to their net banking portal or you can directly open their net banking portal. 
  • If you have net banking facilities activated with your account, you have to log into your account with the relevant details like username and password. If your net banking facilities are not activated, you need to get them activated.
  • Find the tab that says ‘Enquiries’ and click on it.
  • The said option will display many options for enquiries. From those options, click on ‘Home Loan Statement’. 
  • The portal will ask you to select the home loan account associated with the statement. 
  • You will be redirected to a page where you can view your home loan statement account. You can download this page to your electronic device or print it. 

Getting SBI Home Loan Statement offline

You can get a SBI bank home loan provisional certificate issued in offline mode as well. 

  • The first step to get a home loan statement from SBI is to visit any nearby SBI branch. 
  • Once there, ask for a bank loan statement form from any bank representative. 
  • You have to fill in this form with the relevant details. Use bold clear letters for filling the form. It will ask for details like account holder’s name, residential address, phone number, PAN, home loan account number etc. 
  • The bank will ask for other documents such as a photocopy of the Aadhar Card, PAN or the Passport which you have to attach along with the form. 
  • Submit the form with the other relevant documents to the concerned bank representative. 
  • You will be provided with the SBI bank home loan provisional certificate in due time. 

Therefore, the procedure to get a home loan certificate is extremely easy and convenient, especially due to net banking. You can view, download and print the home loan statement whenever you need without a hassle. SBI Home loans statements serve multiple functions. These certificates keep the loan borrower aware and alert about the repayment of the loan as the statement details out the EMIs systematically. Moreover, these also stay as a record of the loan repayment done by the borrower. If the debt was dealt with responsibility, it would reflect on the statement. The bank will assess this record for future loan applications. 

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