Child custody agreement – things to consider


A couple can easily get divorced if they are not interested in living their life together. But this is not the case while coming to their children. The children should never get cursed just because of the reason that their parents are getting divorced. According to the child custody law, the parent who is taking the custody of the children should be provided with the right settlement. And only if this settlement is done, the couple can get legal divorce from the family court. The parents should sign the child custody agreement in order to secure the future of their children. There are some of the most important things which they are supposed to consider while making the child custody agreement. Some of those important things are revealed as follows.

Schooling and medication

The first and foremost thing that is to be mentioned in the agreement must be about the schooling and medication. In case if the parents are collaborating these expenses, there should be a detailed statement about it. For example, the district in which the children is about to learn, the responsibility of their educational issues, the right to take major decision in their education or in their medical needs should be clearly mentioned in the agreement. in case if the parent tend to have any other requirements regarding their education or their medication, it should be indicated in the agreement without any constraint.


One of the main things which should be carefully dealt in the agreement is the exchanges. The place where the exchanges are to occur should be mentioned. There should be clear schedule regarding the children pick up and drop off. In case if the parents are involving the step mother or step father or any other third people for the exchanges, their details should also be mentioned. Along with this, the interest of the children should also be taken into account while making the agreement. This is because the parents should make sure that their agreement should not affect the children mentally as well as physically.


One of the main problems faced by the divorced couples is the custody of their children during holidays. The agreement should have details like with whom the children are supposed to spend their holidays and any other special occasion. If compromised, both the parents can also share the holidays with their children by fixing a proper timing.

Apart from these, there are several other things which are to be mentioned in the agreement in order to avoid unwanted issues in future. The parents who are in need to make a perfect child custody agreement can hand over the responsibility to the Child support attorney Houston. These experts will be aware of all the basic and important things; and they will help in making the agreement accordingly.

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