How A Clock In Clock Out System Payroll Integration Can Help Your Company


Efficiently managing employee payroll is one of the most important things you can do as a business. Unfortunately, many companies are still relying on manually entering payroll data and dealing with all the problems that go with manual data entry. Not only is this costly and ineffective, but there are also better ways to handle payroll that save time and money.

 A clock in clock out system has several benefits that can be useful for any business. Still, payroll integration is an added feature that collects payroll data, which is essential for simplifying and speeding up the entire payroll process and ensuring that payroll is error-free. If you’re not using a clock in clock out system with payroll integration, here are some ways it can help your company.

 Security and Accuracy

One of the most essential parts of managing payroll is ensuring that all the employee data that goes to the payroll department is safely recorded and as accurate as possible. That’s why manual timesheet management is such a problem for companies. Paper records are much easier to be altered and are much more prone to having mistakes on both the employee end and the payroll end of the process.

 A clock in clock out system offers added security by digitally storing all team time tracking information and making it paperless. This way, only employees and managers who have access to the online timecard system can see the data. Any alterations made are logged in the system for record-keeping purposes.

 Since all timekeeping is done automatically, there is no need for manual data entry, which means no errors. Payroll integration added to the software allows the payroll data to be sent straight to the payroll department without any headaches, making the process much more accurate.

 Improved Employee Satisfaction and Autonomy

The less complicated your time tracking and payroll process, the more work your employees can get done and the happier they will be about the process. Manual time tracking is much more complex and time-consuming. Employees will spend a significant amount of time clocking in and out, which takes away from their ability to do their jobs and generally disrupts workflow.

Not only that, employees are not guaranteed to be adequately paid due to manual data entry from timesheets which can lead to unpaid wages or other issues with getting paid accurately and on time. Employees also have to contact managers whenever there is an issue, making it so they cannot function independently.

Online timesheet software is much easier to use and lets employees work without caring about their time since everything is tracked automatically. Add to that the security of error-free calculations, and it makes for much happier employees. Employees can also notify managers of issues without leaving their work station or perform other functions like requesting time off.

 Improved Labor Law Compliance

One of the worst things that can happen to any business is either by accident or purposely violating labor laws by failing to pay employees for time worked. This is most common with manual time clock solutions because errors are common, and numbers are easily altered, even when they reach the payroll department.

 Not paying employees for time worked is one of the fastest ways to end up with a labor law violation that can cause significant problems for your company.

 A clock in clock out system with payroll integrations automatically ensures that employees get paid for the hours they work, even overtime. Since every timesheet alteration is logged into the system, even if done by managers, there’s a record of every change if the pay is incorrect.

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