Four Factors That Affect Tao Tronics Grow Light Bulb Longevity


A grow light bulb is a big deal that can break the productivity of your garden. It is a lifesaver to plants and provides a supplement of natural sunlight. Whether it is soil or hydroponics, it’s a must-have piece of equipment when growing marijuana in an indoor environment.

An LED light produces the same amount of light as other types of lights. Its light-emitting diodes have very high efficiency and low energy use. That’s because you can save electricity bills. Another great advantage of this light is its long lifespan, which lasts up to 50000 hours.

When it comes to choosing the best grow light bulbs, you might get overwhelmed with having plenty of options around you. That’s why we’re here to clear your confusion by providing a review of an excellent grow light bulb. You’re going to know about this gardening equipment below.

TaoTronics is a reputed electronics manufacturer that’s been specializing in a variety of electronic accessories for many years. The Red LED Grow Light Bulb is one of its products, which comes with high-quality features. Everyone who wants to purchase a grow light bulb should consider these features before buying the right one. So, let’s get started!

Twelve 3W LEDs

This grow light bulb comes with 12 evenly spaced 3W diodes. They’re specially designed to provide your plants with all wavelengths. While extending the blooming period and increasing production, the wavelengths treat your plants to a full light spectrum and help them grow healthy.

Long Lifespan and Heat Dissipation

This excellent grow light bulb promises to provide about 50,000 hours of runtime. This means if you power on your bulbs for 10 hours per day, you can do so for nearly 13 years. Also, it features an umbrella design to ensure better heat dissipation. That’s because it won’t harm your plants after 24 hours of use.

Wider 60-Degree Illumination Angle

With the 60-degree light beam, this grow light covers a wider area so that you can use one bulb with fewer units. So, you’ll be able to save the cost of another one to ensure all your plants grow equally. Remember that while colder temperatures can be harmful to plants, overheat is also hazardous to the growth of the plants.

Compatible with Multiple Sockets

When it comes to compatibility of this grow light bulb, it’s compatible with the standard E26 and E27 sockets. It includes the free standard E26 socket that allows you to start growing plants immediately. You won’t also need to purchase any additional item, like a separate lamp or a connection adapter.


  • Comes with an energy-saving option
  • Features 12 3W diodes for broad coverage
  • Includes a standard E26 socket
  • Ensures long lifespan and heat dissipation
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • The bulb is a little bit heavy


After all, this LED grow light can withstand up to five thousand hours. This means you can use it for many years without feeling any hassle. You can also customize the grow light to produce the desirable wavelength so that your plants can get the benefits of natural lighting. However, if you’re looking for a good quality grow light bulb, this one could be a suitable option for you.

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