Can Sun Damage Car Paint?


There’s nothing worse than damaging your fresh paint job. Whether you’ve just purchased a luxury vehicle or are taking your daily commuter truck out for a spin, discover how you can protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle from harmful UV rays with a custom sun shade for car and a few easy tips and tricks.

UV Damage

When left out in the sun in the summer, the dash of your car can reach temperatures up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. The exterior can also heat up dramatically. This causes several issues with your vehicle. First, UV rays can fade your exterior paint. Even the most polished, waxed coat of paint can begin to look old and worn-out when left out in the sun. UV rays can also heat up your interior and cause the dash, leather seating and other interior surfaces to fade, crack and deteriorate. For more visit Mercedes-Benz Gls Contract Hire.

Not even a classic car deserves to look old and tired. From a modern heavy-duty truck to a classic sports car, follow these steps to avoid sun spots, fading and worn-out leather. Damaged leather seats are particularly difficult to repair and are a costly mistake. Discover how these preventative maintenance steps can protect your investment and keep your vehicle looking and feeling like the day you bought it.

Proper Washing and Waxing

The easiest way to prevent damage is by keeping your car clean. Dirt, grime and soap residue can cause the sun to fade your paint unevenly and scratch your paint job. Use premium auto cleaning solution, a cotton or microfiber cloth and carefully clean the exterior of your Mercedes-Benz Gls Used Cars vehicle. While you’re at it, wipe down the dashboard with specialty cleaning wipes for a sparkling new look.

Prevent further dust and dirt buildup by purchasing one of the best outdoor car covers. A quality car cover will protect your vehicle from dust and UV rays while still allowing it to breathe and avoid overheating. Don’t mess around with generic car covers that don’t fit your vehicle, but purchase a custom car cover that was made specifically for your make and model vehicle. This ensures a snug fit, even coverage and a quality product that is easy to take on and off as needed.

Convenient Sun Shades

Sun damage doesn’t occur only in the summer. For year-round prevention of cracked leather and faded, chipped paint, invest in a quality sun shade to keep your interior looking as fresh as the day you purchased your vehicle. A quality sun shade works by reflecting the UV rays and shielding your entire interior from direct sunlight. Even when you can’t park in the shade you’ll still keep your quality interior safe.

Durable Car Covers

After you wash, wax and buff your pristine car to a beautiful finish, don’t let that work go to waste. Choose an industry-leading product from a leading provider of custom outdoor car covers. A few preventative maintenance steps and one affordable, high-quality product can keep your paint looking fresh, your interior leather feeling comfortable and your vehicle ready for any race or car show.

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