Fly Fishing With The Whole Family


I never thought that my whole family would take an interest in fishing. In the beginning, it was just me on my own. Then I met my wife, who at the time had zero interest in anything fishing related. Eventually, she decided to give it a try and she really enjoyed it. So it became our thing.

Later on we had twin daughters, so you can imagine my surprise when they took an interest as small children. I figured it was a phase and I certainly didn’t think it would carry over to their teenage years, but to my surprise and delight, it has.

It was one of my daughters who wanted to give fly fishing a try. I had never tried it before but I thought it might be fun. I had a few friends who were into fly fishing so I figured it was worth looking into.

The family took a weekend trip about an hour and a half away from home and we rented some fly fishing equipment to give it a try. We rented two fly fishing rods: one for my wife and I to share and one for the girls to share. That was a mistake. The girls liked it so much they didn’t want to take turns. Lesson learned for the next time.

I was thrilled that my whole family enjoyed it, but for a while I didn’t want to commit to spending the money on all of the equipment if it just turned out to be a teenage phase this time for the twins. We continued to rent until I was sure it wasn’t just a fleeting thing.

We each got our own fly fishing rods, and we were on to planning our next family adventure. Then it dawned on me that I had no clue how we were going to transport our fishing rods, especially four of them.

I decided to consult my fly fishing friends to see if they had any suggestions. One of them suggested checking out Trouts Fly Fishing to take a look at the Riversmith River Quiver Rod Carrier. There’s one that carries two rods and one that can hold four.

Of course, I had to opt for the four carrier. I can wholeheartedly say I was not disappointed one bit. It was easy to install on the roof of the car, it held the fishing rods perfectly, and it didn’t move or make any annoying noises while we were on the road.

I’m really happy with my purchase, and I’ve continued to order supplies from Trouts Fly Fishing. They have a lot of educational resources on fly fishing as well, so we consult them a lot. My family now has a great hobby to bond over and I couldn’t be happier.

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