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Dissipating Myths About STDs, You Must Know | Articulosweb.net

Dissipating Myths About STDs, You Must Know


While most people shy away from addressing this topic, it is essential to have in-depth conversations about it. Unfortunately, some communities term the topic as taboo, thus making it challenging for individuals to air out their problems when they occur. Also, it makes it challenging to give people information regarding sexually transmitted diseases and how to keep them off. Enlightening people about sexually transmitted diseases is crucial and can help eliminate the stigma surrounding them. According to research, about 1 out of every five people is infected with a sexually transmitted disease. With chances that high, it is essential to learn about the myths around STDs.

Does STD Testing Matter?

While some people ignore screening for STDs, it is important to conduct them frequently. Besides, most of the sexually transmitted infections do not depict any signs. Therefore, this makes it easy for the infection to progress and cause severe harm to the body. Also, you may spread the disease to other parties without even realizing it.

Sexually transmitted diseases that go untreated can elevate an individual’s risk of complications that affect their sexual health, physical health, and reproductive health. Therefore, STD testing is essential to keep your health at prime.

Common Myths Regarding STDs

You Can Tell Who Has an STD

Sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes cause visible warts around the genitals. However, these signs are not always present. Other STDs like chlamydia will depict no symptoms, thus making it difficult to determine infected individuals. Without testing, you can never guarantee that someone is free from Sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, you should get tested before engaging sexually with other people.

STDs Disappear on Their Own

Unfortunately, many people believe that STDs are mild and they can heal on their own. While their symptoms may come and go or never show at all, it is crucial to note that untreated infections can result in severe or permanent damage to your body. Also, they can stir long-term reproductive health complications or infertility. A course of antiviral or antibiotics can help eliminate most of the infections. You can even seek STD treatment online.

You Can Never Get Infected if You Are Using Birth Control

Most people believe that if they use condoms, they can never get STDs. While condoms can reduce the risk of getting infected, they do not guarantee protection against all sexually transmitted diseases. One can still contract several types of STDs even if one uses protection when having sex.

You Need STD testing Only if You Have a Lot of Sex

This is a common myth that should be ignored. The truth is you do not necessarily have to have intercourse with numerous individuals to get infected. You only need one encounter to become sick.

You Can Only Contract STD Once

This misconception about STDs can be very dangerous. You can contract various sexually transmitted infections multiple times, and each will require treatment on its own. Note that some viral STDs, such as HIV and herpes, will remain in your body and cause continuous health complications. However, you can manage them to reduce their harshness.

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