3 online tools that will improve your remote team productivity


The pandemic has been going on for a while, pushing a lot of jobs that were previously restricted to the office environment into online ones. The remote working style helps everybody stick to the prescribed restrictions while also fulfilling all of our obligations. It also helps shorten some of the costs of our work, cutting the funds we’d usually spend on office supplies or electricity.

However, it does pose a very big issue no matter your industry. The lack of proper and direct interaction can hamper the speed of our business as well as cause some mistakes to crop up. For the sake of keeping everything organized, we require some remote productivity tools. These are diverse so we have got a variety of potential approaches. Whether it’s making a mind map online or compiling the materials onto a private network, we got you covered with these remote work tools.

1. Jet Brains

Once we have a team set up remotely, we want to make sure they can be organized and work at the same amount of efficiency. To do so we need a platform that will provide an extensive list of features for an approachable fee. A perfect all-in-one solution for something like this is JetBrains.

Jet Brains provides you with ample tools that’ll allow you to manage teams and collaborate through the service. It’s specifically aimed at software development with an extensive list of features that support the exchange of code.

That code can be used for both internal and external collaboration, while the ability to quickly review code allows you to spot mistakes before they cause more issues. In terms of generally useful features, Jet Brains offers chat functionality and video calls. The service also allows you to store all of your documents on a Space Drive, which can act as a mutual storage space for any file type.

2. Mindomo

Now it’s the turn for some mind mapping software. With today’s slew of services, finding a mind map online is rather easy. These are rather important for any big project. They allow us to path out the development of a project or layout brainstorming details out. Alternatively, they can be used for more mundane tasks like chalking up a hierarchy for our workforce or a chain of management on the following project.

When it comes to finding a mind map online, Mindomo can provide you with some great software that’s easy to use yet allows for elaborate maps to be made. On top of that, you can look at templates of mind map online on their website. These can be downloaded and edited quickly, allowing you to set yourself up quickly. When making a mind map online, you also get a much sleeker appearance. This can help your remote work’s productivity by making any points of concern a lot more visible to each worker.

3. Velocity Global

If you are operating with teams composed of people from other countries and the remote work has made payment difficult, don’t worry. There is available software for that too.

Velocity Global is a platform that can help you pay and manage your workforce’s activity. If you are used to working in person, change to remote work can be absolutely ruinous for your scheduling. Not only is it difficult to manage the payment process properly, the security of online transfer can be a worrisome aspect.

That’s why Velocity global makes sure to provide its users with a unified and centralized payment hub for the sake of properly paying and invoicing your employees. You can do this while being certain your information will be secure and private, as Velocity Global is fully GDPR compliant. This will cut down the managing of payments remote work brings by a lot, helping us avoid a lot of stress figuring out a more complex solution would bring.

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