Why You Should Hire Local Chicago Movers


If a move to Illinois’  Windy City is in your future, it could be in your best interest to pick a Chicago movers company to assist you. There are so many amazing benefits when you hire a local moving company.

One of the biggest reasons you may consider hiring Chicago movers is that they know the area quite well. As they have most likely moved many around in the area, they should know quite a few of the streets and highways in the area.

They will also be very familiar with the weather. Chicago movers understand that in the summer months, it can be blistering hot, while in the winter months, ice and snow are super common.

Moving businesses should plan to come to your home so they may evaluate how to organize your move. Chicago movers will look at how accessible your items are as they do not want to come upon any alarms that could hold up the move. Regional moving businesses may provide you with beneficial suggestions and the opportunity to talk about your move’s needs more than just one time.

So how exactly do you go about hiring Chicago movers? The process is quite simple. By using these steps, you can be certain to find Chicago movers that will meet your needs.

  1. The first step involves executing the research to find the most reliable company by researching the web or asking for recommendations. You can look at review sites to see what others are saying about these moving companies. You could also ask friends, coworkers, and family members if they know of any trustworthy Chicago movers that can help make your move successful.
  2. After making a list of the movers you like, contact them to find out if they are licensed and insured. Be sure they can provide you with a DOT number. If a moving company drags its feet providing this information or can not provide it for you, move along.
  3. Once you have found a few companies you like, you will want to schedule a few visits with them. Local movers can simply come to your home a few times to get the most accurate estimate.
  4. Obtain a few quotes from the Chicago movers that you like the best and compare them. Ask these companies to provide you with written estimates. It is best to ask at least 3 companies for estimates.

Always be aware that there are moving companies that have scammed others. Never pay a huge upfront deposit, and refrain from hiring a company that has changed its name several times in the past.

If you are located in the Chicago area and are planning a move soon, be sure to check out 2 Guys and a Van. This moving company offers many services, such as commercial and office moving, residential moving, short notice moves, and much more.

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