Why is Navision ERP The Most Sought-After Business Software Solution for Companies


Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Navision is a popular line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems from Microsoft Corporation. The design of these products suits the needs of small-scale companies. Enterprise resource planning is an integrative software platform that allows companies to automate and streamline their business processes. These normally include manufacturing, raw material procurement, inventory management, finance, customer relations, supply chain operations, and e-commerce storefront. This makes it easier for these companies to conduct their commercial activities in the market. In the process, they are better positioned to provide their customers with high-quality services at comparatively low prices.

What are the key features of Navision ERP solutions?

Navision provides small companies with a versatile enterprise resource planning software platform that can be easily integrated into their existing business solutions. This includes customer relationship management (CRM) software systems. It has the following salient features which allow companies to optimize all of their vital business processes as follows-

  1. This enterprise resource planning platform can be set as an on-premises standalone system or using the latest cloud technology,
  2. Microsoft Dynamics Nav has business intelligence modules that allow companies to customize their analytical reports according to their needs,
  3. The ERP system’s financial module enables companies to automatically enter and record transactions in their corresponding ledgers automatically,
  4. Microsoft Dynamic Nav is one of the few ERP systems to be compatible with popular point-of-sales platforms,
  5. Navision ERP system has unique Payroll modules which allow companies to automate the processing of their employees’ remunerations,
  6. The inventory module of the ERP system enables companies to carefully monitor the flow of products in their warehouses,
  7. The supply chain module helps companies to determine their warehouse stock levels, choose the right suppliers and transporters, and
  8. Businesses can easily integrate this popular enterprise resource planning system with popular e-commerce storefront platforms.

Reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics Nav

Companies should consider installing and operating Microsoft Dynamic Nav for commercial activities for the following reasons:

  • This popular ERP system provides them with a single automation platform to streamline their entire business operations,
  • Its business intelligence module allows the top managerial personnel to make decisions based on real-time data,
  • Companies can easily customize this enterprise resource planning platform according to their specific need regardless of the industry they operate in,
  • They can scale the enterprise resource planning platform to meet their growth needs without any difficulties, and
  • Microsoft Dynamic Nav is a user-friendly interface in which employees can operate without any kind of formal training.

Navision ERP is one of the most popular business software solutions which enables small companies with the help of an app to keep track of work hours to automate their business processes. It is versatile enough to operate smoothly using cloud technology or as a standalone on-premises infrastructure. Microsoft Dynamic Nav’s unique modules allow companies to streamline all of their core activities easily. Employees can use the system to carry out their responsibilities, hardly without any intensive training. ERP’s business intelligence features even allow managers to customize reports and make decisions on the basis of real-time data with success.

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