What Kinds of Fun Can You Have in Banff This Weekend?


Getting away for a weekend is an awesome opportunity to see and do more than you usually would!  Whether you’re traveling to Banff to get away or you live here and want to cut loose for a while, these are the top things to enjoy!  This city has a little bit of fun for everyone! 

Enjoy Hiking and Biking

There are countless trails that ribbon throughout Banff, allowing you to hike, bike, and explore to your hearts’ content.  Of course, there’s no single path to take, but one thing that locals love is the chance to carve their own way while they’re here.  Make sure to pack a good amount of water and supplies and that you have a backup phone battery just in case, and you’ll have the time of your life! 

Get One Last Camp Session In

Before winter sets in, you have time to go on one last camping trip!  Grab your long johns, though, because the nights are starting to get really chilly.  You can camp with friends and family or go solo and enjoy roaming the land on your own.

Not only is this a great way to fully enjoy how beautiful this area is, but it’s also a nice way to meet others who are traveling and become ensnared with how beautiful Banff is.  Camping is a must whenever you can do it! 

Warm Up With Some Great Food

When the chill sets in, you want to go somewhere that will warm you up from the inside out.  In Banff, the best place for that is Farm and Fire!  This awesome restaurant is at home in the Elk and Avenue Hotel and offers farm-fresh flavor in modern, delicious food.  Locals love the comfort food they offer, and tourists can’t stop mentioning how good the pricing is for this incredible restaurant.  

Enjoy Connecting With Locals

The moment you get to know the awesome people who live here full-time, you’ll want to look at local Banff homes for sale.  Head to one of the local bars, like the Pump and Tap Tavern, and get to know some of the locals!  These people are used to tourists but are still incredibly friendly and curious about everyone who passes through.

Making friends will make it easier to come back time and time again or even to find a place to rent or buy since these transactions tend to happen easier between community members. 

Fall In Love With the Stores 

There’s a lot of shopping to do in Banff!  From Cool As a Mouse, a quirky and cute clothing store, to Last Temptation Vintage, which offers older and more retro clothing you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll love the chance to feel like you’re walking into unique stores you’ve never heard of before.

OF course, there are some classic and recognizable brands out there, but Banff is proud of being home to countless small stores and boutiques that are locally owned. 

Banff Is an Incredible Vacation Destination

As the top vacation destination for most Canadians, Banff will steal your heart.  This is a great area, with fun for everyone who visits.

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