Try These Ultra-Romantic And Special Gift Ideas For Karwa Chauth


Karwa Chauth is a traditional Indian festival that celebrates the precious love relationship between a man and a woman. On this auspicious day, Indian women fast throughout the day and pray to God for the long life of their husbands. Karwa Chauth is a festival that speaks volumes about the unconditional love between couples. As soon as the moonlight covers the sky, the woman performs the ritual and the wait is over!

Moonlight, candles, romance, and the murmur in your stomach. Yes, Karva Chauth is just around the corner and while it is undoubtedly one of the most romantic celebrations, it is also one of the most difficult celebrations – just ask a hungry girl who fasts for you all day long! Why not make Karva Chauth something really special this year with a Karva Chauth special gift? Check below the most romantic ideas and let her fall in love with you again!

Prepare Her Food

Sounds cliché? Man, this is the most romantic thing you can do for your woman. And you’ll make them eat from your hands – literally! If you’re still good at cooking (lucky!), use this skill to cook a meal for your wife. Can’t even boil an egg, forgot to cook? Check out the great romantic dinner recipes that anyone can cook. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, head to the nearest grocery store and get your cooking utensils ready. Now all you have to do is follow some basic instructions and introduce romance! We couldn’t think of a better way to show how much she means to you – right?


Karva Chauth is one very special day for all Hindu women. On this day they wear new clothes, make Saj-Shringar, and shape themselves with ornaments and accessories. But your wife will feel even more special if you give her a new accessory on this special day. Moreover, Payal is considered one of the most auspicious ornaments among the 16 Sringaars.


If you’re planning to buy a new property or have been saving up for a good real estate deal, Karwa Chauth is a great time. It’s a festive month, you can get some great dates. In addition, Kartik Mass is considered very cheap to buy new stuff. It will be a big surprise for your wife. So make her smile by giving her a new home.

Beautiful Flowers

Flowers never go out of style and are a woman’s best friend. Put a big smile on her face by giving her a Forever Rose or a bouquet of her favorite roses. Does she like lilies? You can buy beautiful lily arrangements that will make her very happy.

Ask Someone To Shoot Her

First, order a treatment package in advance at her favorite salon. Then, when she feels most comfortable and thinks this is the most romantic gift idea, call the right one – a romantic photoshoot for both of you with a professional photographer! Then get comfortable and… click click!

So, you can make your spouse feel special on Karwa Chauth with all these impressive gift ideas. You can also plan a fun night out with your soulmate and make her feel appreciated and loved!

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