Topic: Easy Guide On How To Trim Split Ends For Damaged Hair


Ever thought about the heartbreak your hair goes through when they develop split ends? They used to be inseparable once, and now their bond is broken beyond repair.

If only their owner hadn’t tied them too harshly and taken good care, they wouldn’t have suffered this fate. But unless you want to share their heartbreak, you’ll have to cut those split ends as soon as possible.

Why getting rid of Split Ends is essential?

Apart from damaging the structural integrity of your strand, split hair, in the fury of a bad breakup, continues up the strand till it’s vulnerable to breakage. But don’t blame them just yet. Their relationship spiraled into being dry, brittle, and frayed which led to damaged hair beyond repair. They can hinder your hair growth rendering them fragile to break in a snap. They will lead to unhealthy-looking frizzy hair, hair thinning, and bald spots if left untreated.

Cutting your split ends will promote hair growth as once they are snipped off, it preserves the structural integrity of your hair, enhances the texture of your hair, and overall improves hair health.

But hey, don’t rush for a split ends’ treatment just yet. Take a breather and grab some scissors. You’re in for a special crash course on “How to cut split ends at home without stressing your wallet!”

The Method to this Madness

Point And Cut:

Your first lesson in split-end trimming starts with applying a heat protectant and using a straightener to iron out the hair. Divide your hair into half-inch sections and brush them with a wide tooth comb to seek out the frayed ends. When you spot them, point-cut them vertically.

Trimming With a Twist:

Remember braiding your hair? This is a bit like that, but there’s a twist, there’s no braiding involved, only twisting. Ever thought cutting split ends would have such layered twists? Take a small one-inch section of your hair and start twisting it in a clockwise direction. Now hold the end and look for the split ends sprouting out of the twisted strands. Take the scissors andmake a 1 inch cut to those split ends, from top to bottom. Now untangle them and twist them again in an anti-clockwise direction and repeat the process.

Skip To The End:

This will work better with damp hair, so consult the help of your nearest spray bottle. Untangle all the knots of your hair with a wide tooth comb. Select a small section of your hair and clip the rest. Run your finger from the roots till you’re an inch or two away from the end. Hold the end firmly in the gaps between your fingers and snip them out.

Congratulations, you’ve graduated from the course of flawlessly “Cutting split ends at home”. But hold on, cutting split ends is just damage control. You need a shampoo for damaged hair, which will protect and strengthen your hair to not let it get this damaged.

You need the Pantene Bamboo Shampoo & Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, to preserve the moisture in your hair, maintain its flexibility, and retain the texture to reignite its shine. Get your hair the fortification and nourishment they deserve, so they won’t ever need to split up again.

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