Top WooCommerce Trends to Check Out for 2023


In 2023, WooCommerce ranks as the leading e-commerce software platform with a 38.74% market share in the world. There are multiple reasons for its market growth. For instance, it allows high scalability, reduces shop costs, comes with a full-fledged content management system (WordPress), offers countless free and paid themes and plugins and usually doesn’t require the knowledge of CSS and HTML. Whether you have a small or large WordPress-based website, you can benefit a lot by using this open-source flexible software solution.

Like any e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce is also evolving to adapt to the developing needs of the market. So, here are the top trends of this e-commerce solution that you should check out if you use WordPress.

Better Mobile Shopping Experience

Did you know that 92.3% of internet users across the world access the internet on their mobile devices? Therefore, a major part of the traffic you receive originates from mobile phones. So, your website must be well-optimised for mobile usage to ensure that your visitors have the best experience. You must opt for a mobile version of your website if you already don’t have one. Else you could be losing multitudes of potential customers only because they can’t navigate your site’s desktop version.

Make Your Products More Appealing

Advanced technology plays a great role in enhancing your product pages. Currently, WooCommerce offers a 360° image feature which can help allow your visitors to completely submerge into the experience that you wish to offer them.

For this, it’s important to add videos to product pages so your customers can see how your product will look when they use it, what its features are and how it is expected to work.

High-resolution images, AR-VR technology and interactive infographics are great solutions to make your product pages successful. They can help make your product more appealing to visitors, thereby propelling them to buy it.

Higher Content Quality

Content is king. The more optimised your content is for search engines, the higher you will rank. For that, it’s a good idea to avail expert SEO services to start a blog for your site. There you can talk about various ways in which your products can meet customer needs. You can work with content creators (often available from your web hosting provider) who can provide high-quality creative content for your site based on the most relevant keywords to answer the search intent of your customers.

Offer Personalised Shopping Experiences

It’s vital to know the location, shopping habits and languages of your customers to provide them with an individualised shopping experience. That way, you will get a lot of relevant information to surprise them with more personalised perks.

In this context, you can find WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration quite useful. It allows you to add geo-targeted tracking codes and coupon codes. These can help you target potential customers even in a particular region, country or state.

When your visitors can view your content in their native language, they can better understand your products and make an informed purchase.

If you wish to open a WordPress-based site but don’t have knowledge to create one, consider working with a top web host who uses the latest website builder tools in India.

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