Top Things to Make a House a Home


What makes a house a home? Without an element of homeliness, a house is simply an empty space or nest. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to make your house a home.

Displays Things That Make You Nostalgic:

A great way to make your house feel like a home is to start by displaying things that make it reminiscent of your childhood home. For most of us, a happy childhood experience stays with us for the remainder of our lives and is something we look back on fondly. Inevitably, we will attach one stable place to our thoughts and feelings of our childhood- which is the house we grew up in. A space where we felt loved and safe, adding items that are similar or taking things from that home into your new property is a great way to give your new place that same warm and homely feeling. Whether you choose to bring a piece of art, a cushion or a random item like a music box- these will help incorporate the feeling of home no matter where you are.

Make Sure to Keep it Clean:

It’s impossible to feel comfortable in a space that isn’t clean or is filled with clutter. This is because in our homes, we desire cosyness. Most people say that your physical space is a reflection of how you feel mentally, so it’s important to keep the space clean and free of mess and chaos. By having a clean space, you can treat it as your sanctuary, and create a space that is appealing to relax in.

Adopt an Animal:

Our home is where we love the hardest- so why not indulge in this even further and adopt a pet? It is scientifically proven that animals make us significantly happier, and they can reduce stress and decrease our blood pressure. Additionally, they can provide great social support- which is great if you live on your own. Having a loving pet to come in and greet you when you walk in from home is a great way to make your house feel like a home and give you responsibility in your home.

Get the Lighting Right:

There’s nothing to make a space feel cold and unwelcoming quite like bad lighting. Low lighting, or even worse, fluorescent lighting makes your home feel instantly more like a hospital ward rather than a warm and welcoming home. A great way to make your home cosy is to add some warm lighting, either through floor lamps, string lights, or even just attaching a dimmer to the lights you have now.

Replicate a Spa:

An excellent way to add some homeliness to your property is by adding a touch of luxury. If you want your home to appear as a place to relax, then a great option is to incorporate luxurious elements throughout your home. Whether it’s adding some candles around your home, some luxurious bath products, or buying a heated towel rack- the little luxuries around your property will certainly make the space feel homely.  

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