The Hottest Wedding Trends of This Year


If you are tying the knot this year, it is time to start looking at the hottest wedding trends around. Whether you have your heart set on a beach wedding, or prefer to say I do at a park wedding, keep reading to find out what is on fire right now.

Beach weddings are perfect for those that love the feeling of vacation or the sun hitting them in the face. These weddings can be as low-key or as fancy as you desire. Some of our hottest wedding trends for the beach include:

  • Keep guests comfortable with a shaded tent. Add a beverage station to keep them hydrated. Use hand fans so guests can fan themselves. These hand fans can also double as your wedding program.
  • Use beach themes in your wedding ceremony. Instead of lighting a unity candle, do a sand pour. Incorporate seashells into your bouquets. Or use seashells to decorate your wedding reception.
  • At the wedding reception, have all guests write a message to the bride and groom and place it in a “message in a bottle.”
  • Palm trees are a great way to add beauty to your wedding. They can easily be decorated with lights or some fancy ornaments.

Park weddings are great for anyone that loves nature. These weddings can be as elegant as you desire, or you may decide to keep it low-key. Here are some of the hottest wedding trends for park weddings:

  • Add a rustic theme to your park wedding with some mason jars, tin buckets, and chalkboards.
  • Keep wedding decor simple with lots of flowers. Flowers can be used as centerpieces for the reception and may also be used to decorate the chairs for the ceremony.
  • Ribbons tied to the back of chairs make a low-cost way to decorate for the ceremony.
  • Keep a park wedding low-key by serving a variety of finger foods, such as meatballs, finger sandwiches, fruit trays, cocktail smokies, cheese and crackers, mini cookies and cupcakes, and cucumber sandwiches.
  • Add a variety of games for your guests to play at the reception. Bean bags, Skeeball,ring toss, limbo, yard ping pong, giant Tic Tac Toe, andlife-size Connect Four or Jenga are a few ideas that both kids and adults will have fun with.
  • Add a dessert table with mini pies, mini cheesecakes, small donuts, or other favorite sweets.

For either type of wedding, you can hire a band. You may also fancy finding performers for your wedding, such as a flamethrower or firebreather. At the end of the evening, you and your spouse may also consider lighting a glowing lantern as a way to wrap up the night.

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