The Best Kitchen Trends for 2022


The kitchen has always been a place where people could go and create a delicious meal and that is all. However, this space has evolved massively in recent years since people began spending more time in their kitchens and actually cooking at home rather than eating out due to the pandemic. As we all started being at home more, the desire to decorate and transform our living spaces into more pleasant and calming ones has grown incredibly. We have seen the kitchen become not only a place for cooking but also one which could serve as a working and rewinding spot in the house. That is the reason why more people are now looking into making their kitchens more modern and trendier and try to spend as much time decorating it as they would on their living room or bedroom.

Not all kitchens would need a full makeover, sometimes a few smart tricks could make all the difference to your kitchen and freshen it up with minimal budget and effort. Whether you choose to go with a complete renovation or simple refreshment, here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled the biggest and most modern trends for your kitchen.

Be Bold with Metal Statements

There are certain items around the kitchen area which are hard to modernize and the range hood is one of them. However, it does not necessarily have to be a boring one. Recently, people have become really creative with metal and have been adding the metalic element all around their kitchens making them appear more rustic looking. If you decide to opt for a metal hood, you will be making it a centerpiece in your kitchen. Extractor hoods have long been considered evil to many but with a well-designed, handmade piece of metal hood your space will certainly be made very attractive and innovative.

Choose Colours Wisely

Colours can do wonders for your space but they can also tarnish it which is why it is vital that you consider the colours that will suit you the best. There are colours which become trendier than others and it would be worth checking regularly. One of the most on-trend colour for kitchens, especially for cabinetry, walls and accessories is the green. The shades particularly of interest are the muddy, olive and sage green.

Another popular tone amongst kitchen areas is the earthy one – mellow yellow, light beige, minty green and etc. Natural colours have been growing in popularity in recent years and they do not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. So, it is a safe bet to opt for one of those earthy tones.

Bring Natural Elements

The previous point brings us to this trend that keeps growing exponentially. Incorporating natural elements and materials around any room of your house has shown to be the number one trend this year. Anything from rattan baskets to wooden finishes on furniture, this trend has proven to create a rather soothing atmosphere. Perhaps the success of it relates closely to the fact that the world was under lockdown for so long, that people began craving the outdoors so much that they started bringing these natural elements into their own spaces. Mesh details on cabinets in particular have been catching people’s eyes the most these days and is something to consider for your kitchen renovation.

Statement Lighting

If you have seen enough home magazines or Pinterest boards about home décor you would know how important the lighting is. Perhaps once there has not been enough attention to it but in recent years people have realised the power that comes with lighting. It can transform any room in a positive way if used the correct way. Bad lighting is everyone’s worst enemy, which is why it is important to not only make sure your kitchen will be well lit but also that you make a statement with its design rather than having a boring lamp that no one notices. Lights handing down from the ceiling in a very industrial fashion are especially trendy right now and will give a lot of character to the whole space.

Conceal Storage and Appliances

One of the reasons why kitchens can seem less aesthetically pleasing is because there are numerous items which cannot be simply removed. Everything we hold in that room is used on a daily basis so unlike living rooms where we can keep the décor minimalistic, it is twice as difficult for kitchens to do the same. A solution has been developed for this issue and there are now kitchen cabinets designed with concealing big appliances in mind. You could have your microwave and ovens hidden behind a cabinet door, or your countertop coffee machine and kettle pushed inside a storage space. Because we can’t always have all our appliances matching our interior, these storing solutions have been developed.

Alternatively, you could customize your appliances and storage so that it fits your kitchen aesthetic. Either way a messy, unorganised kitchen is so out of date!

These are some of the hottest trends right now among kitchen design and décor but there are plenty more which could be better suited for your kitchen and personal preferences.

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