Keeping Up With Digital Generation With Best Phone Tracker App


I was having dinner with some of my close friends in a fancy restaurant. Though they had their tables placed far apart but still one got our attention. During the whole period, the girls sitting at the table kept on making videos with high music in the background. Girls were twins and maybe 7 or 8 years old not more than that. I am not a big fan of social media and its trends but my friend told me that they were making Tik Tok videos and it was a recent trend to make a video on that song. Their mother was acting like some kind of director, giving instructions, cutting down the video, checking the quality and more. The whole time they waited for their food, she kept them busy with the videos. Now the question is what will happen when these kids will turn into young teenagers. Sure they will be making videos and obsessed with their outfits, and followers and then the parent will complain that how much they hate their kid’s obsession and all.

The thing is kids learn from their parents and keeping them too much involved in smart gadgets will make them addicted to these gadgets ultimately. Now about the solution, few can help. For example, less use of smart gadgets infront of young kids and keeping an eye on their screen time. The best phone tracker apps without persission like the OgyMogy, TheOneSpy, mSpy, FlexiSpy can also be a great help as parents can use the technology to keep up with the digital activities of their children. Of course, it can only work if you are not one of the obsessed kind who makes her 7-year-old daughter do a viral dance on the trendy song. I am sorry, call me old school but I was not happy with the behaviour especially when it was a public place and your act can be the reason of disturbance for others.

Check the Screen Record:

Getting rid of a screen is not possible in this lifetime so how about at least making some rules that allow us to keep the usage under control. That rule is especially necessary for the young generation and kids. Best phone tracker app allows the user to jump onto the screen of the target teen at any given time. The remote yet live access to the screen of the teenager make it easy for the parents to know about the screen time and activities. The app also saves the record in the form of screenshots and short videos.

Be their Online Friend:

In this time of social media and online friends, it is necessary to be added digitally to the kid’s social media accounts. Not every parent gets this privilege as teenagers these days are more private about their online space. I have seen kids who have separate families and find accounts to make things simple and hassle-free. The use of spying apps for android like the OgyMogy, TheOneSpy allows the parents to know about the onlinefriends and social media activities of the kids. Regardless it is the family account or the friend’s account the app gives remote access directly to the social media activities.One can check the newsfeed,notification,posts,likes and comments section, followers and following and much more with the help of this app.

Check the Instant Messenger Apps:

Get into the private and group chat box of the kids with the help of the instant messenger monitoring features of the app. It includes Whatsapp spy app, Line spy app, Kik spy app, and many more.

About The Online Trends and Games:

With the help of a phone tracker app, parents can know about the installed apps and games the kids are obsessed with. You can even block any installed apps or software easily with the help of the parental control app.

No Screen Time At Night:

Easy access to the screen activities let the parents know about the time invested on the screens. All the information is saved with the timestamp information.

Block Any Unnecessary App or Website:

The web filtering feature allows the user to block any unwanted website or apps from the target device.

Choose the bundle you want and install the app by following simple and easy steps.

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