ISO 55001- Asset Management System is a great asset management system.


Many businesses have PS’000s or more of their assets tied up. Companies will be able to manage the asset lifecycle and have better control of their daily activities. They will also achieve a higher return on their assets and lower the total risk.

Businesses can achieve significant asset management improvements by adhering to ISO 55001, which will help them meet legal, stakeholder, and business requirements.

This strategy can help companies save time and money. A business can get more out of its assets and still add value to them by properly managing them.

Implementing ISO 55001

A structured asset management system is a best-practice approach to managing all assets throughout the life cycle of your business. A company that adheres to ISO55001 will:

– establish a proactive asset management system throughout your life to realize the value of your assets. This will help to reduce unnecessary maintenance costs, inefficiency, and to prevent any uncertainty at work. Example – accident prevention.

– Increase quality assurance for customers/regulators. This is where assets play an important role in the provision of quality products and services.

– Assist with new business acquisitions – stakeholders have confidence in the fact that a strategy has been put in place to ensure assets meet the required safety and performance standards.

International Business Development – This helps to demonstrate that international asset management systems are well implemented and managed.

Simplifying ISO 55001 Certification

Our goal is to make certification as easy and efficient as possible. This will increase productivity and reduce your workload. We are a pioneer in using free and easy-to-use technology with our platform These allow staff to collaborate in real-time, whether they are at work or away from home. Instead of spending a lot of time in face-to-face meetings that are very time-consuming, coworkers can share screens, documents and join meetings. They can also stream high-quality videos.

The certification service can also be used to reduce the time required for audits on your site, which will result in significant savings over the life of your management system.

Certification is designed for your business

NDC was created through customer feedback and the development of procedures that are based on those needs. We strive to provide certification as quickly as possible while limiting your reliance on our resources.

Certification can be delivered quicker and more efficiently, which reduces the need for teams to come together, saving time, lodging costs, and downtime.

After your ISO 55001 audits are completed with NDC, you will be issued a certificate of conformity and compliance logos that can be used on stationery, company vehicles, and websites.

Change existing certification

If you are looking to certify Asset Management System, or to switch providers, our scheme will allow you to switch easily. Send us a copy of your certificate and upload evidence from your most recent audit report. We’ll review your documentation remotely.

After we have reviewed your documentation, one of our auditors will contact you to complete our final audit via video conferencing software such as Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams.

What are the advantages of ISO550001 Certification?

Realizing the asset’s intended value is the key benefit. Your stakeholders will be reassured that ISO 55001 Certification is in place or that you have plans to achieve it.

Other benefits include:

Financial performance – A well-managed asset should lead to lower costs and higher output.

Better Decisions – This tool helps you make better decisions regarding the asset by understanding key metrics like performance, risk, and costs

Manage Risk – Understand the risk and opportunities associated with the asset and plan how you can realize or avoid them.

Services or product – If the asset performs well, it is likely that the output of an asset such as a product will consistently exceed or meet your customer’s expectations.

Improve – Reviewing processes and performance can lead to improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity

Reputation – By committing to solid systems and a transparent evaluation process, stakeholders have confidence in your ability to achieve your objectives.

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