Innovative approach for the reconstruction of trenchless pipes is being sought by Riverhead


Recently repair of an underground pipe was completed by Riverhead Highway Department without opening the street above it

A pipe under Fanning Street in Riverhead was repaired by New Jersey-based National Water Main Cleansing company, connecting the pond with a stream.

Ralph Sergio from the National Water Main Cleaning Company said the repair was made with the innovative fiberglass pipe lining technology developed in Germany.

The underground tube is lined with ultraviolet light for treatment by the use of fibreglass material. The end result was a new underground pipe that was cost-free and without problems engaged when an old pipe is excavated and removed, said Sergio.

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Fanning Street was a demonstrative project for Highway Superintendent George Woodson completed on Aug. 21 for about $15,000. “I wanted to try it because all the city pipes may be as old as thirty years or even older,” Woodson said.”The old parts of the drainage system are being examined.” When the underground pipe spills or leaks, the asphalt above can eventually crumble or collapse. “I’m attempting to be proactive,” he said.

The contractor uses instruments and small video cameras that work inside underground pipes to inspect and check the interior of the drainage pipes. The tools are placed through storm drains into the drain pipes.

Woodson said to avoid excavation on the road, particularly in downtown avenues, is a serious deal.

Note: Many contractors have to be approved by a background screening company in order to work on various job sites.

He said that the department is avoiding the risk of damaging other underground utilities under the asphalting, also avoiding road closures when the pipes have to be physically dug up and replaced.

In the downtown area, water, electric and gas, telephone lines and drainage pipes all have a narrow roadbed. This is particularly important. Woodson said that the location of the utilities, many of which were established decades ago, is often poor.
“It was about five years ago that even the National Grid hit a city center on their own gas grid,” Woodson said.

Before the fiberglass line was installed, workers had to de-water the underground pipe. The repair of the UV-curated lining is durable and safer and easier to complete, Woodson said. The lining is just about an 8th of an inch thick, so the quality of the pipe is not affected, he said.

In the area of New Jersey, where the new technology would be most useful for maintenance, the road superintendent said that it plans to assign a contractor to inspect the drainage system with cameras.

“I believe that we’re the first Long Island municipality to use this,” said Woodson.
He also said that the technology can be used to repair sewer pipes.

How you can choose an Air Conditioner Repairi contractor from McDonough GA

In McDonough, GA, there are many air conditioners on Google and yelp. How do you know who to select? Use the following suggestions.

Tips on how to pick a McDonough, GA air conditioner contractor.

If you want to appoint a McDonough Gathen Air conditioner repair contractor, listen carefully. Steve Casell of JSC Enterprises has a few hints to assist you in choosing the best air conditioning contractor to work on your building.

During World War II, Steve’s dad studied industrial refrigeration at a technical school. Steve was in the truck with his dad at seven years old. At the age of 13, the first compressor was modified. At first sight, it was passion. During high school, Steve became an industrial engineer. He started his cooling & air conditioning company eight years ago. He is now educating future technologists for refrigeration and HVAC at a local technical school.

We asked Steve what to look for in McDonough’s Air conditioner repair company?

• Reputation
• Appearance
• Licensing
• Insurance
• Experience

We asked Steve why it is so important to have a personal appearance?

I simply need my air conditioner fixed after all, right?

Steve rattled off quickly:
• Do the staff who come to your house, look clean?

• Are they shabby?

• Are they wearing old jeans and filthy boots?

• Do they use irreverence?

• Did they show regard for you and the neatness of your home?

I questioned Steve, what do all these have to do with repairing or purchase of a new air conditioner?
He replied, “These things mirror their character, their hard-working attitudes and their capacity to work in your home. “Truth be told, as an instructor, Steve says that he impressed upon his students that appearance does make a difference. He proceeds, “I reveal to them that they have to tidy up their mouth and they have to get it together in case you’re going to make it around here.” Sadly, not every company has this ethic of work taught or practiced.

Let us address the credibility of AC-contractors

Users will spend time reviewing comments by the air conditioning company McDonough. It shows you what type of company it is and how respectable it is. Take the time to read the comments and understand clearly what type of company this is. What does it mean to you after reading the reviews?

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How is Steve having 5-star reviews, without doing any work at all?

This sounds clever from the start, isn’t that right? I asked Steve to explain what that meant.

“Often we walk to the job and tell people that we don’t have to replace their unit. In other words, we don’t install a new one and we’re making no money. Nevertheless, the individual takes time to leave us with a good review, thanking us for our honesty and saving them lots of money. We accept this is the best type of publicizing on the planet!”

It was quite astonishing. Steve discloses to us that even in Clark Howard’s backyard, not many mortgage holders in McDonough ever inquire as to whether he is insured. Help me out and pose yourself this inquiry. Am I the sort of individual that inquires as to whether or not an organization is insured?

Steve advises that your contractor has a general liability insurance policy of at least one million dollars. He adds, “There are lots of men working on the side and not having proper insurance out there,” he said.
How are they going to get away? Nobody asks to see insurance facts. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to lie and claim that someone is insured if they’re not. So please, ask for a copy of the insurance policy.

Is it safe to say they are licensed?
Sadly, many people without license repair and install air conditioning units. And you can work for a licensed person during the day. But what if you work as a side job for yourself in your home at night or on weekends? Insist that a certified developer knows the code and needs. Request for license proof.


The benefits of dealing with a small business in McDonough rather than an air conditioner repair firm.

“Many large companies recruit children right out of technology school without any job experience, and usually last five months before being put on a truck to make service calls to your home,” Steve told us as a teacher. “So, here is the $99,000 question,” Would you like someone to rehearse at your home? Then again when you work with a little organization commonly you get the proprietor himself or a relative dealing with your home. The proprietor will make a solid effort to ensure that the installation is 100% fulfilled. A cheerful client is the blood that courses through the veins of a small business. In reality, he informs us that approximately half of the new business his firm, JSC Enterprises, gets is through reference or credibility.

The advantages and disadvantages of selling your home quickly

Are you prepared to move to somewhere new? Whatever your motivation to locate to another residence, you have to ensure you sell the old home before you move to a new home or you will wind up paying the bills for two houses.

Following the standard course of selling your home takes a ton of time – time that you would prefer not to waste on the normal way of selling your house- Why not sell your house for cash?

Selling houses for money is turning into a developing pattern for some reasons, some of which might be useful to you. Yet, similar to every single beneficial thing, there are a few drawbacks that might be unappealing.

Learn about it to see whether selling for money is the proper thing for you.

The Advantages

It’s always nice to start with the good things, right? Here are a few arguments for the sale.


If you need speed, that’s the only direction you can go.
By selling for money, you will get a purchaser quickly. There’s no requirement for you to need to sit tight for a considerable length of time or even a very long time for a real estate professional to take it off your hands or for somebody from the open market to get it. Generally, most deals are made within a couple of days, so a deal takes very little time.

Don’t need Financing

Financing and credits can be an issue for any dealer. In case you’re selling for money, you don’t need to stress over that.

The customer is going to come to you and give you a large sum of money, and that is it. No financing. No advances. Simply money.

It gives you peace of mind

If you sell your home cash, it is all done by buyers. It gives you peace of mind.
When you sell your home for money, everything will be overseen by the purchasers.

They need to make the game plans, they need to deal with the administrative work, and they need to pay you the cold hard cash in advance.
Only if the contract is signed, you have to move out.

You can sell it without repairing it

There are various reasons why you wouldn’t have any desire to repair the home before taking off. Perhaps you’re experiencing a separation and you aren’t ready. Possibly it’s simply unreasonably costly for you to manage.
Or on the other hand, possibly you simply aren’t quite a bit of a fixer-upper.
This won’t affect the customers, regardless of the situation. Cash buyers presume immediately that they need to rebuild the house they are interested in so that they’re still ready to buy what you have.

The Disadvantages

You thought it wasn’t all fine, didn’t you? Here are some reasons why you might hesitate to sell for cash.


Lowest Price Guaranteed

There is a very good chance that you sell to a real estate agent or real estate investor when you sell your property in the same way.
Such guys will want to buy your house at the lowest possible price. With deals below market value, you need to be prepared.

You may be forced into a binding contract

Agreements are necessary for all deals (or if nothing else, they ought to be). The buyer will want to ensure that a contract is entered into and you will both see through it.
That sounds great… until you meet someone ready to pay more.
You are now trapped in a contract with someone who pays less than the other one.
It appears that possibly attempting to move quickly could get you trapped in a predicament.

The Buyer Could Sue for Damages

Because you’ve sold the property doesn’t imply that you’re liberated from all obligations right now.

If the purchaser discovers a major issue with the house that you didn’t inform them concerning prior, they reserve the option to sue.

Previously, some sincere purchasers got cheated by some truly inconsiderate merchants and were left with significantly more stuff than what they anticipated. With the privilege to sue, they currently have the ability to retaliate.
Ensure you let the purchaser know all about the house, or else you may end up on an inappropriate side of the law.

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