Gold Mining in Ontario


The production of metals and minerals plays a significant role in enhancing the living standards of humans. Directly or indirectly, we rely upon the mined products. Moving to one of the precious metals, gold is a shiny and lustrous metal that effectively catches eyes. Its mining has given rise to several businesses worldwide. The mining operations are taking place in every continent except Antarctica.

Largest Producers of Gold

As per the data released by World Gold Council (WGC), the global gold production was estimated at 3,487.1 tons (122.7 million ounces) in 2020. If you look at the data dating back a few decades, South Africa was the global leader in gold production of over 1,000 tons in 1970. But the production rapidly declined. The country is now far below the list of top 10 gold-producing countries. For many years, China has been the top gold producing nation responsible for around 11% of global mine production. In 2020, the country produced about 380 metric tons of gold. Its production is concentrated in the eastern provinces of Shandong, Henan, Fujian, and Liaoning.

Furthermore, the list is followed by Australia, Russia, the USA, Canada, and other countries. Australia had a gold output of 327 metric tons in 2020. Talking about Russia, the Russian gold production sector contributed about 300 metric tons of gold. Polypus is known to be the largest gold production volume in Russia.

Mining Industry in Ontario

Ontario, a province of Canada, has been producing gold for over a century. The mineral was discovered back in 1866 in the province. In 2020, it was the largest producer of gold in Canada, with a production of 73.79 metric tons. Not only gold, but the province also has a rich mining industry producing other elements as well like platinum, nickel, and other group metals. The thing to note is that mining activities are active throughout the province. The local economies are benefiting from mining activities centered in Windsor, Goderich, Perth, Sudbury, Timmins, Red Lake, and many other communities. Some parts of the province are focused on mineral resource development which created enormous employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Trillium Gold is one of those companies which are engaged in the business of acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral assets. Trillium Gold (CVE TGM) is a growth-focused company providing mining services in Canada.

Ontario has several large mineral deposits which are producing gold up to date. You should know about a few active mines of gold in Ontario listed as follows:

Bell Creek Mine – The mine is located at Porcupine, Ontario, owned by Pan American Silver Corp.

Black Fox Mine – The mine is located 10km east of Matheson, Ontario, owned by McEwen Mining Inc.

Coleman Mine – The mine is located in Sudbury, Ontario, owned by Vales S.A.

Creighton Mine – The mine is located in Sudbury, Ontario, owned by Vales S.A.


Gold mining industries have been involved in providing long-term assistance to local communities with productive employment. Ontario is the largest producer of gold in Canada. The gold production has positively impacted infrastructure, community development, local supply chains, healthcare, and other aspects of the nation.

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