Food Processor Allowed Me To Cook Again


I developed a neurological disorder where my hands shake a lot. Sometimes they’re ok, but a lot of the time they aren’t. I find that it’s better not to take chances with things like this. I typically loved to cook, but those days were over for me. Handling a knife to chop food was absolutely out of the question.

I was on a fast track to depression since I had to order out more often. It was really frustrating and I tried to make healthier choices with the food that I ordered, but I knew this was not a good lifestyle. What’s worse is that a bad diet could contribute to this disorder. I was not sure what I should do.

On top of all that, I was spending so much money on takeout. So not only was it damaging what I had of my health, it was also damaging my wallet. Something had to change, soon.

I had a conversation with my sister, and she suggested I start using a food processor to make my food. That would eliminate the chopping, and I wouldn’t have to worry about cooking everyday. I was so caught up in feeling sorry for myself that none of this had ever occurred to me.

I got on the internet and researched some ideas for different meals. I was shocked at what I was able to find. I had a list of things at my disposal now and I was ready to try them out.

I got my Cuisinart food processor and got to work. With my disorder it was a little more time consuming than it normally would have been, but I was just so happy that I was able to cook again. I thought all was lost, but alas it was not.

I came up with a rotation of meals that were fairly simple to make, but delicious at the same time. Once I got onto a routine, I would experiment further. I needed to get the hang of everything first, then I’d try more.

What a difference this made for me! I could feel myself almost feeling lighter, in my mood and actual weight. I know that eating nutritious food was making a huge impact on my overall wellness. I’m glad I got into a good habit while I could, because I could have started an uphill battle with other health issues.

I had quite a scare one day, when I was getting out my food processor and I dropped the work bowl. I almost cried. But I composed myself and called my sister and asked her to recommend somewhere that I could get a replacement. She told me about KitchenWorksUSA, where I could get a Cuisinart DLC-8 4-piece Tritan Bowl Kit Part.

 I was so happy. I also had enough food frozen to carry me through until it arrived.

I am beyond thankful that my sister came up with this idea and snapped me out of it. It was just the push I needed to get myself back on track and not just dwell on the fact that I now have a physical limitation. I took my problem and changed my attitude and I’m feeling so much better about it. I’m still alive, so I plan to live while I can.

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