Everything you should know about Credit Card Bill Payments


A credit card is one of the important financial tools today that helps you to carry the daily transactions, like bills, mobile recharge, etc. The most important thing to keep in mind for a credit card is to pay outstanding dues at the exact time.

If you do not pay the dues on time, you will then pay the late payment fees, along with high interest. Even the missed payment harms your online credit card score. Keep reading the whole post to know the related terms of credit card bill payments.

How do interest-free time and payment due date works?

Credit cards bill is considered cyclic, so a new bill is produced every month and shows all the purchases that you made last month. The due date of payment will be 21-25 days after the bill generation date.

In this way, you can get the chance to enjoy an interest-free period of around 40-45 days. For instance, you buy the item on 6th July. The interest-free time on this item will be 50 days. You can buy another item on 30th July, and then you can get the interest-free time of 26 days only.

How to use interest-free time wisely?

To use the interest-free time wisely, you have to make high-value purchases at starting of the credit card billing cycle. In this way, you can get a minimum of 45-50 days of interest-free time, so you can get more time to pay the bill from the day when you purchase the item.

Interest-free time can lead to zero-cost loans or credit cards if you smartly use them. Keep in your mind that the interest-free benefits are not associated with the following cases.

  • If you have not paid the outstanding amount in the past monthly bill
  • If you withdraw the money with your credit card

How to pay the credit card bills?

Once the credit card bill is generated, the bank notifies us of the payment due date and outstanding amount. Make credit card bill payments to ensure that you keep your spending amount under control. It is easy to make credit card bill payments online and offline.

A step-by-step guide to making credit card bill payments?

Here is the different method online to make credit card bill payments.

Through RTGS/ NEFT

You can easily use the NEFT/ RTGS facility to make credit card bill payments. Here you only need to enter the card information simply and pay bills.

Through auto debit facility 

You can easily use the auto debt facility if you have a net banking account with a savings account to pay credit card bills.

Through payment systems and mobile wallets 

There are several mobile wallets and online payment systems available to make credit card bill payments. You can easily use Paytm, PhonePe, etc., to pay credit card bills.


You can opt for any of the above ways to make credit card bill payments. All the above methods are the best way to reduce debt and pay credit card bills on time.

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