Custom Temporary Tattoos: Tips For Making Your Own Designs


In the past few years, you could only get a tattoo with permanent ink; only a few temporary tattoos were good quality. So, temporary tattoos were considered cheap, limited, and childish. However, things have changed now. Temporary tattoos have been upgraded to get high-quality professional and casual designs that last long.

Furthermore, if you buy at Temporary Tattoos, you are spoiled with options since the designs are unlimited. Temporary tattoos are easy to design and apply. They can be super fun when you have an event or a party or want to use them to promote your materials. Creating temporary tattoos is simple. However, knowing the process to make the best design you will love is essential. The following are simple things to do when designing a temporary tattoo.

There are two ways you can get temporary tattoos. You can buy ready-made ones or create yours. You can create custom temporary tattoos and wear them before you go for a permanent one. A high-quality temporary tattoo will help you see how a permanent one can look on your skin, which is crucial before you get the ink under the skin.

Tips for Designing a Temporary Tattoo

Designing temporary tattoos means there are several things you must consider to make high-quality designs. Here is what to do or consider.

1. Skin Color

One thing you should understand: Melanin should never be an obstacle when choosing a tattoo design. There is this common myth that people with darker skin have limited options, but the main issue is a lack of creativity and imagination. If you are designing temporary tattoos for dark skin, play with colors. There are numerous options you can go for. In fact, choices like a glow in the dark temporary tattoo works great for any skin color.

2. Size

It is also vital to take into account the area of application. Unless you design smaller tattoos that can fit anywhere, ensure you know the measurements of the part you want to apply the tattoo. Ensure you also don’t put too many details on smaller tattoos so they can be easily seen from a distance.

3. Don’t Reverse Your Art

You want your peace sign temporary tattoo to look as you intended. Therefore, don’t reverse your work when submitting it to the system for printing. Remember, the system reverses the artwork automatically. So, avoid uploading your images backward unless you intend the tattoos to be backward too.

4. Don’t Use White, Light, or Pastel Colors

Tattoo pigments look different depending on the skin tone. However, avoiding using white, light, or pastel colors on your tattoos is always advisable. The best way to know the best colors is by considering the skin’s undertone to avoid going for unpleasant or clashing shades. Temporary tattoos are not permanent. Therefore, their colors slightly change when you apply them to the skin. So, try darker or vibrant colors to ensure they appear once transferred to the skin. Whether going for flags temporary tattoos or whichever design you pick, avoiding using white on the design is also advisable.


You can see from the details above that designing a temporary tattoo is easy. Get inspiration and ideas from different sources and design high-quality tattoos.

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