Caring for Your Luxury Watch: 10 Pro Tips


A luxury watch is more than a piece that tells the time. It’s a pure symbol of classical engineering with a rich history. Also, it enhances your outfit, style, and your overall appearance.

However, owning a luxury watch comes with some responsibility. You’ll need to show love and care to the piece meant to be part of your life for a long time. And though the task can be daunting, the good tips will help to take care of your luxury watch effectively.

Here are the ten pro tips for caring for your luxury watch.

1. Clean your watch

Cleaning is an excellent tip for caring for and maintaining your luxury watch. Sweat, grime, and environmental elements can take their toll on your watch, ruining its appearance. Luckily, most luxury watches are water-resistant, enabling deep cleaning.

Clean it with a damp cloth or dunk it into a bowl. Ensure you detach the band to give you space to clan any small crevices where they connect. A clean, soft toothbrush is ideal for cleaning such small spaces. After cleaning, pat the water off and let the watch dry on a soft towel.

However, different luxury watches have different cleaning requirements. So always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before cleaning to ensure you’re doing it appropriately. But generally, the following are the dos and don’ts when cleaning luxury watches.

The Do’s

  • Get the right cleaning Gear: The right tools will make cleaning easier and more effective. The basic equipment includes; a brush, soft-bristled toothbrush, toothpicks, microfiber cloth, sanitary wipes, etc.
  • Remove the strap: use a spring bar tool to remove the strap to access the inner side of the lugs and bracelet.
  • Wipe the watch: Wipe all the parts, corners, engraving, edges, and facets and identify stubborn stains.
  • Finish using a microfiber cloth: Use a clean cloth to remove excess moisture and provide greater shine.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t clean while the watch is on your wrist: doing this will make it challenging to do a proper cleaning job and can be risky due to clumsiness.
  • Avoid abrasive items: Using them will leave your watch with scratches, ruining its appearance.
  • Don’t use alcohol on leather straps: leather is porous, will absorb odors, and will ruin the comfort of wearing your watch.

2. Insure your luxury watch

Like other expensive items, protecting your luxury watch with an insurance cover is essential. You’ll get comfort and peace of mind should the watch get stolen or lost.

Choose an insurance cover that you can afford that covers your watch entirely. Also, consider the following when insuring your watch:

  • Check the insurance policy to know its limits and what it covers
  • Have your watch valued regularly to ensure you’re not under-insured. Check the excess to ensure it is within the cost of replacing the watch.

3. Keep the watch away from magnets

A magnet can wreak havoc on the inner mechanisms of your luxury watch. That’s because watches have tiny particles sensitive to external magnetic fields. Avoid damage by keeping your watch away from all magnetic sources, including charging pads and refrigerator magnets. Also, please don’t keep your watch too close to credit cards or cell phones, as they generate small magnetic fields.

4. Be cautious about testing water resistance

The water resistance rating can be misleading, resulting in damages. That’s because when a watch is tested for water resistance, it’s done in controlled conditions, so the result applies to those conditions. As such, any changes in temperature and pressure will impact your watch’s water resistance. So be conservative in testing the limits of that water resistance.

5. Take care of the crystal

A sapphire crystal is one of the ideal elements of a luxury watch. The crystal protects the watch’s dial, hands, and hour markers. And though a sapphire crystal is durable, it is subject to the brunt of scuffs, scratches, and dings. So take care and service the crystal if you notice such issues.

6. Service your luxury watch

A luxury watch requires occasional servicing. So, create time to take it to a watch specialist who can guarantee it will still be in good working order. The expert will address all underlying issues, increasing the functionality and life of your luxury watch.

The following are the signs that your watch needs servicing:

  • If the watch is running slower or faster than the normal speed.
  • When your watch starts gaining or losing time
  • If the watch is making unusual noises

7. Preserve your watch for storage

Keeping your watch on its side or the crystal increases the possibility of scratching. That’s why storing it in its box when you’re not wearing it is advisable. The watch box will keep the watch safe from protection and other elements that can ruin its functionality.

Other tips for storing your luxury watch include;

  • Store the watch in a dry place, as moisture can damage its mechanism.
  • Avoid storing it in direct sunlight. Instead, you can use a soft cloth or watch roll.
  • If you have multiple watches, store them separately to prevent scratches and other damages.

8. Avoid exposing it to sunlight

Exposing your watch to sunlight cake make its color fade. Also, the excess heat can affect the battery life negatively. Therefore, it is advisable to prevent your watch from direct sunlight.

Also, please avoid contact with chemicals, which can damage the leather band, causing tears, so if you’re dealing with chemicals, clean and dry your hand before wearing your luxury watch.

9. Read your watch manual

There’s a reason why luxury watchmakers include a manual and user instructions when selling the watch. They want you to know how to use, care and protect your timepiece. Also, a manual will contain details on who to contact if something isn’t right with your watch.

Additionally, avoid opening your luxury watch by yourself. Leave the task to experts to avoid exposing your timepiece to dirt, dust, and other particles affecting its functionality.

10. Polish the watch

It is normal for your luxury watch to get scuffs and scratches regardless of your caring measures. Fortunately, you can buff out the blemishes and restore the appearance of your watch. You’ll need to reach out to a reputable dealer for professional polishing.


A luxury watch is a gleaming accessory that adds a statement to your outfit. It is rich in memories and financial cost. A piece like that deserves your respect and care. The above ten tips will help provide optimum care to enhance your watch’s functionality and longevity.

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