Achieve your desired tan with authentic Melanotan injection


Lots of people work hard to attain the correct tone of their skin. During this effort, some accomplish their targets where others fail to do. Some people do get the exact tan for their skin while others struggle to accomplish it. Tan is crucial from foiling the skin from sunburn or damage from UV. People prefer to use a wide range of products, leaving their skin damaged permanently.

Melanotan is a laboratory chemical that is corresponding to the hormone of the pigment present inside human skin. Patients with erectile dysfunction also use this chemical as a contraceptive measure.To avoid everlasting harm to the skin you must select Melotan Injection. To use the injection an individual should follow the given instructions. Lack of a proper dosage can result in severe skin infections and other major diseases.

Melanotan injection- Uses and dosage:

A user can take the component according to their will. But experts recommend the best time to take is after the tan fades. There are numerous means to take Melanotan i.e., pills, powders, and in the form of nasal sprays. But the harmless and correct way to take Melanotan is only through injections. It should be around 0.3mg in the first dose. Similarly, the next dose shall steadily increase with an adequate interval from the initial dosage.

The user can achieve the desired level of tan with proper dosage and instructions. The maintenance phase is necessary after the primary phase or the initial phase.During this phase, the dose is very low as equated to previous dosages. The dosage in this phase guarantees that your tan remains throughout the year.At certain times, the tan may get darker than expected. The user may need to reduce the dosage.

The merits of Melanotan over other products:

  • As compared to ordinary tan, it offers a good and natural-looking tan to the skin. The user can get their desired tone with the help of Melanotan.
  • It also preserves the skin of the individual from harmful UV rays and sunlight. It confines the access of skin cancer cells inside the human body.
  • In comparison to other products, Melanotan is easy to use. It is time-efficient and is gentle on the skin.
  • It is low-priced and cheap. Other tan products might come too expensive as compared to Melanotan.

One can select reliable online websites to purchase Melanotan injection. However, one must constantly remember to take the required dose and remain healthy.

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