5 Tips to Create a Cohesive Colour Flow Throughout Your Home


We all know that home painting is so much more than just splashing your walls with your favourite hues. You need to keep in mind the overall aesthetics of your home, outdoor landscape, furniture, artwork, decor elements, the utility of the rooms, etc before you pick the perfect colour scheme for your home.

Here is a quick and easy guide that will help you master the art of colour coordination while you are refreshing your living space in 2024. These 5 insider tips will help you choose the perfect interior and exterior painting colours for your home.

Understand the Fundamentals of Colour Theory

A foolproof way to become a pro at choosing the perfect wall colour combinations is by understanding the colour wheel and colour theory. Once you understand the basics of the colour wheel, you can play around and experiment with different interior painting colours to find wall colour combinations that look cohesive together.

Have a Base Colour Throughout Your Home Layout

Want to make your home interior and exterior look harmonious and in sync? We recommend that you pick neutral interior painting colours as your base colour in your colour palette.

Next, simply use this base colour in all your rooms in different proportions depending on your personal preference. You will notice that this will instantly make your interior design look balanced and coordinated.

Decide on a Theme and Stick to It

Before you paint your interior and exterior walls, sit down and decide on a theme or style you want your home to have. Narrow down a home style and then research about it. Keep this theme in mind when you are picking interior and exterior painting colours, linens, light fixtures and other decor elements for your living space.

Maintain a Balance in Your Colour Scheme

Do you want your home to have depth, dimension and character? You can add depth and interest to your living space by using a combination of light, medium and dark hues throughout your home design.

If you are a monochromatic fan, then you can pick different shades of the same hue and use them in different proportions throughout the room to make the room look chic and luxurious.

Take Inspiration From the Natural Landscape

People who are looking to create a seamless flow between their indoor and outdoor area must consider picking interior painting colours for their walls which are inspired by the natural environment around the house.

For example, if you own a tropical home, you can consider opting for hues like turquoise, teal, sunshine yellow, palm green, etc.

The Final Verdict

Remember that your home should be your sanctuary which you are proud to call your own. So, don’t hesitate to follow your heart and try out whimsical colour combinations which spark joy in you.

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