5 Reasons Why You Need to Remodel Your Pool


If you want to enjoy your pool as much as possible all year round, it is important to invest time and money in maintaining this beautiful feature. Many people in Tampa love to spend time in their pool and invite friends and relatives to join them too. The options for using your pool can be limitless, but you can’t do this without giving it the proper care and attention on a regular basis, including remodeling and resurfacing when needed.

Here are some of the reasons why you might need to remodel your pool this year.

1. Make Your Pool Safer

You may need to remodel your pool to make it safer and up to date with current safety standards. It is also likely that you will need to invest in a pool remodel or other upgrades if other people begin to use the pool. For example, if you are expanding your family and have young children who want to venture into the pool, you may feel that you need to take extra precautions for health and safety. Some of the common safety hazards in your pool could include worn-out surfaces, outdated equipment, or flaking and cracked tiles. Pool resurfacing and remodeling can help to rectify these problems.

2. Increase the Value of Your Home

Having a pool in your home in Tampa can significantly increase the value of your home. However, if you want to take advantage of the extra value that this feature will add, it is important to look after it well. Advertising a home with a well-maintained pool will undoubtedly get more attention than one where the pool has been neglected. Investing in a pool remodel can help you to boost the value of your home and its curb appeal.

3. Get the Latest Trends

Some people prefer to plan a pool remodel around the latest trends. This means that they can remodel their pool on a regular basis while also ensuring it is as trendy as possible for the long term. Most pools will need to be resurfaced or remodeled every 10-15 years, so when the time comes, look at the latest pool equipment and designs to help choose the best one for you. You can also get advice and inspiration from pool suppliers near you.

4.  Save Energy

Many homeowners are putting an increased focus on saving energy, cutting down costs, and looking after the natural environment. Some of the original pool equipment might not be the most cost-effective or energy-saving today. The pool filter, lights, and other equipment might be outdated and cost you more money than you need to pay. A pool remodel is a perfect opportunity to swap older equipment for newer, trendier, and more cost-effective alternatives.

5. The Pool Needs Repairs

When your pool is beginning to look tired and worn, it is normally a sign that pool resurfacing or remodeling is needed. Common signs of damage in a pool could include leaks, stains, and cracks appearing on the plaster and tiles. Instead of letting the damage get worse and impact the value of your time spent in the pool, this is a great time to invest in a pool remodel and give your beautiful pool the new lease of life that it needs.

Where to Get Your Pool Remodeled

There are various reasons why it might be time to invest in remodeling or resurfacing your pool. If you want to explore the options and find out more about remodeling your pool in Tampa, contact the team at JJB Pools and Spas.

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