5 Hot Home Improvement Trends to Follow in 2022


2022 is finally here. This is the ideal time to start planning a house makeover with creative inspiration. Our homes have played the hybrid roles of both living and working spaces for the last couple of years. Re-doing your interiors carefully can induce a sense of much-needed hope and positivity for the future years. You can play with moods, materials, colours, textures, and accessories to make your home more unique and attractive.

Atop future trend would be to design a home that works as an entertainment space. You can add cocktail cabinets, cosy seating lounges and convenient furniture with a portion of housing loans. Take a look at what else could dominate the improvement trends in the upcoming days.

1. Luxurious Lighting

Natural daylight is the key to healthy living. It is a great way to keep yourself rejuvenated while minimizing daily stress. But you can consider adding statement lighting pieces for night-time that never go out of style. They can ensure warm illumination and create a calming ambience while doubling up as artworks. Pick pendants, chandeliers and sconces. If you are worried about finances, fret not. A personal loan can work as home improvement loan to cater to the expenses. Repay the debt via easy EMIs every month to ease the burden.

2. Unique Patterns

Retro-inspired plaids, stripes and playful checks will be the hottest trend of 2022. Global fusion, animal prints and ‘bold botanicals’ would rise in popularity. You can get experimental by picking fabric patterns on neutral backgrounds. These can be either traditional or modern. Mixing floral prints in bright tones and gloss would be a growing love affair offering excellent celebrity makeovers to your home. Use your home loan funds to heavily elevate the style quotient of your space.

3. Marble Designs

It is a durable and heat resistant material that offers an ultra-luxurious and classy look to any space. Upgrade your kitchen and bathroom countertops with classic marble pieces for the much-required warmth and grace. It is available in a range of colours like black, pink, green and red and can keep your space naturally cool.

Marbles can be costlier than other materials like natural stones. A portion of your home loan can help you buy slabs without having to compromise on your dream design.

4. Comforting Textures

Organic textures can create a wholesome vibe. You can also pick fabrics like jute for a chic and rugged look. Monochromatic colours can offer the desired minimalist look. Velvet is another texture that is likely to make comeback in 2022. It can bring warmth and comfort to any space and surface. Cork is another material that is ideal to add insulation to your home.

5. Natural Earthy Shades

Shades of soft and pale green are to be the colours for 2022. They are soothing, subtle and beautiful colour palettes and can create a rich and refreshing vibe. You can also incorporate brown, grey, copper, mustard yellow and a fair mix of black and blue. Accent pieces in dark tones add depth while accentuating the space. Focus on charming colours like saffron, yellow, royal blue and burgundy for bold and chaotic combinations.

Use a home loan app to be able to manage your money well. It will go a long way to help you plan and design your home for a comfortable living in future.

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