2022 Small Patio Design Ideas


It doesn’t take a sprawling deck to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle from the comfort of your own home. With some creativity and a little effort, you can transform even small patios into the oasis of your dreams this year. As a bonus, maximizing the curb appeal of your home with well-designed patio spaces helps you sell your home quickly. Check out these seven ideas for inspiration, then plan your own small patio design makeover.

1. Go Boho With Individualized Pieces

It might be tempting to drop several hundred on a matched set of outdoor furniture from your local big-box home retailer. And there’s nothing that says this approach can’t possibly work. But if you want a more individualized look, go for an eclectic, bohemian style by carefully selecting individual furniture pieces. Scout out yard sales, second-hand stores, and even estate sales for a wide variety of potential pieces to anchor your new small patio look. Remember to measure your available space and any furniture piece you’re considering purchasing carefully to ensure the piece will fit well on the patio.

2. Choose Pieces That Serve Multiple Purposes

In a small space, every square inch counts. Extend the usefulness and comfort level of your small patio with pieces that serve more than one function. For example, a cushioned ottoman might also provide additional storage as well as an extra seat.

3. Create an Outdoor Room

You’re not limited to traditional patio looks. Think outside the square footage of a concrete pad by crafting an outdoor “room.” Center your design around the function you’d like the space to fill—dining, entertaining, meditating, etc. Then work to build your look the same way you would for an indoor room. By the way, this is also a great staging strategy if you’re trying to sell your home yourself.

4. Add Nontraditional Outdoor Elements

In keeping with that “functional room” approach, think about ways to repurpose traditionally interior design touches for your patio. Gauzy curtains, end tables, potted plants, and even artwork can make your outdoor space feel more like an outdoor living room.

5. Choose Statement Lighting

If you’re planning to enjoy your small patio, you’ll want to make sure the space is lighted appropriately. Find the right blend between “illuminated for safety” and “lighting that suits the mood.” Then shop for fixtures that are safe to use outdoors and that also make a real design statement. Look for materials that echo and evoke the great outdoors, whether in color or texture. Don’t hesitate to experiment with lighting placement to make sure you hit the right spot.

6. The Patio Space Is Just the Beginning

Try expanding your view a bit. If your patio is surrounded by unimproved land, even a few inches can be useful to you. Think of your patio square footage as just part of the available space. Expand your design vision to include the surrounding ground space. Spread out your furniture layout to extend it beyond the patio floor. Or place your planters in clusters on the ground to create a container garden. With the right mix of plants, especially ones that reach a few feet in height, you can add some privacy to your redesigned patio as well as a lush garden to enjoy.

7. Use All Your Available Space

When you’re designing any small space, whether indoors or outside, it’s important to take creative advantage of all your available space. That means it pays to think vertically as well as horizontally. Build up with trellises, frames, or vertical beams to display art, and hanging plants, and install drapes to create privacy or a gauzy, flowy boho feel. composite deck railing

Infographic provided by NewTechWood America, Inc., a composite deck railing company

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