Text Animated Short Videos: A Comprehensive Guide


Nowadays, the world is becoming more digitized as time goes on. Many social media platforms have adopted short videos as a common way of communication and entertainment among today’s generation. Amidst these, text-animated short videos have gained popularity for their ability to convey information more efficiently and creatively than others. Here is a guide for creating these amazing text-animated short videos on an app for making videos. You will get advice on how to make them compelling and aesthetically pleasing for your target audience.

Understanding Text Animation

Text animation is a technique that brings written words to life with creativity, such as motion, color, and design. Before diving into the creation process, you should grasp the fundamental elements of text animation:

  • Typography: Choose different and unique fonts that match the tone and message of your short video. You can also experiment with various styles to find the perfect one that fits your video and makes it attractive.
  • Motion: It is the crucial key to your text-animated video. Look for the perfect gesture in which the text elements will enter the video, exit, and move within your whole video to create a dynamic narrative that your viewers will like.
  • Timing: It is the most crucial thing for widening the audience base of your video. Ensure that the text elements in your video appear and disappear at the right moments to maintain a smooth flow.
  • Color and contrast: Select some colors for your text that enhance readability and are able to convey emotions. Contrast between text and background is crucial for visibility.

Planning Your Text-Animated Video

A plan is essential when you want your videos to go viral on the best app for short videos in this digital world. Here are some tips on how you can plan your text-animated video easily:-

  • Define your purpose: When you start making a short video, first, you have to clarify your video’s theme or goal. Is it to inform people about something, entertain, or inspire? If you know your purpose, the process of making your video will be more creative.
  • Storyboarding: Once you are sure of your goal, create a rough storyboard that includes an outline of your video, such as the sequence of your text elements. This will serve as a visual roadmap for your video in the whole creation process.
  • Scripting: If you are making a short-text animated video, you should make your goal concisely. So, write a script that effectively conveys your message in the meantime of your video. Keep your sentences short and to the point so they are easy to read and understand. Remember that a text animation is always short.
  • Visual aids: Consider putting relevant images, icons, or symbols alongside your text in your videos to enhance comprehension of them.

Tools and Software to Use in Your Text-Animated Videos

To create a text-animated short video, you will need suitable and easily operated software in an app or tools to get your job done. Here are some points to consider while choosing these tools or software:-

  • Text-animation software: Before starting, look for an app that has software that specializes in text animation and offers a variety of text effects, transitions, and customization options to make your video more engaging.
  • Video editing software: A robust video editor in an app for making video will help you fine-tune your text-animated video and synchronize it with other visual elements to attract the attention of a large number of viewers.
  • Graphic design tools: If you plan to include some custom graphics, a graphic design tool in your chosen short video app can be useful for creating visuals that complement your text.

Steps to Create Your Text Animations

Now, it is time to create your text animations and make a beautiful video. Follow these steps to create your text-animated video:-

  • Import text: Start by importing your script into your chosen app. Then, divide it into some sections or write them individually to facilitate animation.
  • Apply effects: Experiment with different animation effects and choose whichever suits your video best to bring your written text to life.
  • Timings and transitions: While adjusting the time of your text and transition elements, it should be smooth as it will help you maintain viewer engagement.
  • Sound effects: Your sound effects will help you complement the overall narrative, so you have to choose the one that can enhance your message.
  • Background music: Choose a piece of background music on the app for making videos that matches the mood and message of your visuals. Ensure that the music does not overpower the text.

Final Words!

A text-animated video offers a creative and engaging way to convey your message or any information to your audience. By understanding the principles of text animation, you can easily create impactful videos on the best app for short videos. For your help, if you are considering choosing the best app to make and upload your short video, Hipi can be a perfect choice as it’s gaining a lot of popularity these days.

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