The Headquarters of the UN (United Nations), the World of International Politics

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The Headquarters of the UN (United Nations) is a multifaceted complex situated in the New York City. This is the authorized or official head office of the United Nations organization since 1952.  This world organization headquarter is situated in Manhattan, near the East River. The UN has separate security forces, postal administration and fire departments. The interesting facts about United Nations is that the sightseers from different parts of the world usually sends postcard back house with the UN stamp, as these stamps allow the posting only from United Nations. The Headquarters of the UN (United Nations) comprises of four most important buildings: the building for General Assembly, Conference building, Secretariat building, and the famous Library of Dag Hammarskjold.

Art Collections of UN

The United Nations multifaceted is prominent for its outdoor monuments and beautiful gardens. The art collections include a large set of artworks and historical items gifted to UN by different member states, individuals and associations. Sculptures, tapestries, mosaics, and paintings are important among these artistic collections. The crucial iconic statues include the Knotted Gun sculpture as a contribution from the government of Luxemburg and the sculpture from Soviet Union, “Let Us Swords Into Plowshares”. There are several other artistic excellent works donated by different nations for the world organization.

Cultural Role

Owing to its prominent role in the international politics, the Headquarters of UN (United Nations) is frequently featured in several films and other pop customs. The films which casted the headquarters building include The Interpreter, North By Northwest, Live and Let Die, Batman: The Movie, The Art of War, The Second Renaissance, The Glass wall,  Thirteen Days, The Peacemaker, In the Loop etc. The headquarters of UN is usually sited in several video games and a television sequence “Dirty Sexy Money”. The one and only movie, which shot on the UN headquarters, is the film “The Interpreter” in 2005.

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